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SOL CONTINGENCY: The Lunar Incident
2012-11-07 7:53 PM PST
Hey! Descent fans, get your first peek at what is to become of the "Descent to UDK" project by visiting our all-new web outfit for the game.

Now entitled . SOL CONTINGENCY! .

We have some great visual material for you set up in the Media section of the site, and you can join our community forum which is now open to anyone for discussion. The forum is the place the development team uses to exchange ideas and organize development, so you will be able to interact with all the guys developing the game! The forum can be accessed by visiting:

We hope you enjoy your stay and follow us on the progress of the game.
If you'd like to receive the SOL CONTINGENCY newsletter, simply click the 'Subscribe' link on the contact page to receive our newsletter.
Contact the Team Lead: Maximilian Schulz (MadMax1998)


This post is to inform interested modders and/or gamers that a new version of Descent is being made for the UDK.

See for yourself:
Contributor's Welcome

Video alpha release trailer on Youtube:

Epic Games forums:

Highpoly Descent Models:


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XFire International Translator Update?
2012-07-16 5:54 PM PDT

Since the xfire forum link to signup/register is down atm!

I'm writing this letter to at least get a word out about all the misunderstood communication that happens all over the world every day in various gaming venues!

Has any progress been made with an xfire international translator module, plug-in, script, addon, or chat application request for xfire to develop one yet?

I belong to a multilingual clan forum/server, and have realize that a lot of time and effort is being utilized to try and find an amiable solution to the language barriers that exist.

So, my question is this! Has there been any successful development of one off translators? where 2 people of different countries who speak & understand different languages could actually carry on an intelligent conversation?

Like small, fast one off apps that only translate into one other language(namely English) - similar to the iphone or other mobile apps that are being used to cross the boundaries to allow people to share ideas and concepts.

If you or your friends have been frustrated with similar situations using xfire, then contact the xfire developers and request a few language translators to be developed that work in xfire.

Peace Out! & have fun playing your favorite game with new and interesting players!
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UT2004 Vehicle Builder!
2012-07-15 1:18 AM PDT
Description: An ingame Vehicle Builder Map!
Run type: Instant Action

Using a modified Constructor Gun Mod with prefab meshes, you pick a chassis size to work on to assemble a vehicle body that can later be used in a UED process script to weld the meshes into a single mesh which can then be used in place of existing vehicle body types.

Just needs some adjustment!

Hand me that wrench will ya!
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2011-12-27 5:07 PM PST



I'm posting this in the hopes of helping others realize the seriousness of the impact current & future copyright legislation will have on American Civil Liberties, Freedom of Speech or Press - and the amount of privacy individuals will have on the internet and elsewhere if it is passed without rebuttal or any compromising amendment.

It's already impacting how people view & use the internet!
Quote from Google_Sponsored_Ad
Change your IP Address
Quickly change your ip address,
Start Surfing Anonymously Today.

Most of my work is released under some type of GPL License. Simply to further the imaginative creation of ideas from those who view or use it, in whatever medium they choose to create with.

I'm a person of modest means no matter how much money I make, I normally make a concerted effort to help others - with whatever means I have at my disposal.

Everyone is creative in their own way, if it involves using copyrighted material - permission to use it is normally a prerequisite. Although some artists are difficult if not impossible to contact - and others just don't support or condone any type of GPL or share-a-like licensing concepts, but any third party art should include accreditation of some form in the description or properties of the new(altered) work. And the new content should not be used to advertise any FULL versions of the original copyright holders work, except possibly in the remote case of it being a parody of the original content.
New altered works should still be deemed as free advertisement for the original copyright holders though - especially since most notable infringements do not receive monetary gains from it's existence. Hence the contradiction in terms of the...
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Been updating the controller(FlyingDog)
2011-08-26 1:59 PM PDT

So it will be able to use a variety of ship designs - with minimal tweaking involved in the placement & orientation of weapon/actor attachment/add-ons, to make it easier for mod authors to extend the weapon types available - through a configuration file.

* So, instead of having to script & compile a new model/actor mutator, all they would have to do is add another entry to the INI - and configure the new attachment from a relative set of positional attachment points in the ship controller.

* As far as customizable attachment (functions), aside from the default weapon(type/fire), energy(storage/consumption), and other default attachments - I'll have to look into it - as that much customizing in an INI just might be a bit much for me to code.

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Progress is still being made:
2010-03-09 4:21 PM PST
Unreal Discention Mod: FrAnTiC 1.2.3

I've been given permission to use some hires content from an original remake of the 'Descent II' game:

So here are some screenies of one of the first maps and a new ship, made by BlazZing and textured by me really quick with UED so far - just to get it in game to see how it looks.

Hope you guys have some feedback for me, cuz I'll be looking for it.

My offer still stands for any UT/Descent Fans or forum members that wish to contribute to this mod , constructive critiques, game & mapping ideas, creative content for the game, beta & play testing etc.

The Current 'Unreal Descention' Team & contributors:
Me! of course
& Dietfrid Mali
from www.descent2.de for his D2X-XL mod content.

The updated Player controller code is at the bottom of Unreal Wiki KShip page:
By: BrolD9999

And some changes to Legacy:Mod_Ideas/Descent_Mod as well.


SithSpit! HSP Clan & Forum Admin
Sgt.Kelly of Ballistic Weapons Community
@ www.runestorm.com

And various other members of the HSP Clan & Forum @
The shiny new forums:

And the old forums:
http://www.createphpbb.com/jadephonixx/ (which have been temporarily reopened!)
for cool ideas and feedback!

Along with numerous Unreal Wiki User posts about Unreal Descent Mods for inspiration!

BTW, the brick walls were from another level - this one is for a docking bay level, either on a ship or space station. Not sure which yet.

Of course it could also be a module I could use on both. Still working on the different ideas for each different section.

Progress so far:
Shows up in the 'UT2 Community Section'.
Loading screen working.
4 - 5 Map ideas being worked on atm.

Planned Features: Updating as needed.
Map prefix will be '<type>-UD-<name>'.
And will support most common Descent &...
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The merging of two worlds begins:
2010-03-09 4:14 PM PST
Quote from |HSP|Chris Personally, and no offense here, but BaL isn't worth it, people have stopped playing it now.
I think players still like it, but ever since admins had so much trouble with it in the past - it's more of a personal preference for the admins who run it now. So, if you want more realism than what the game comes with, that's usually what gets used.
The other realism mods and conversions aren't quite as popular with players or as well known.


Quote from |HSP|SuperSonicSithGuess that means I need to make something that Tops City. Though I haven't played it yet... I'm afraid to log onto the server and suffer a severe case of DL fever.

Quote from Chris Thats why PC's don't need to be turned off when you leave them! Just start downloading when you're busy, or ask Wang to send you a copy of it. City 17 crashes me on start up, so on Sonix's server, I had to guess the Causeevents or the speaker sounds. Took a while. People wonder.

Quote from |HSP|SuperSonicSithGuess that means I need to make something that Tops City. Though I haven't played it yet... I'm afraid to log onto the server and suffer a severe case of DL fever.
Haven't you guys seen me use the redirect for links B4? just make a link to the content and DL yourself - it's as easy as PIE.
Or type the link into a downloader and save it to the right folder, and use the DOS programs to extract it, use 'UCC.EXE -decompress <filename>' or if you use 'tinyuz2 -d <filename>.'

Just right click this link, and select save as: http://www.personal.psu.edu/asm5234/ut2004redirect/AS-City_17_Zoned.ut2.uz2 Was invalid! it has a new server!


Quote from Chris As I always say (to myself), One-De-Ve-Dee, is the man with the tools. Where can I buy me a copy of 1DVD? Always providing links to things that we cannot be bothered to check ourselves, as well as providing information for our use = D

Well, that's why I've been working on a program for just such a thing - Version 0.9 BETA of 'AI-DVD' will be ready for...
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Unreal Descention: FrAnTiC.1.2.3 Mod!
2010-03-09 3:50 PM PST
Current WIP: Unreal Descention: Frantic Mod, featuring compatibility with most all classic Unreal & Descent game modes - but in a 360 degrees of freedom gaming environment.

Planned Development: Is being designed to be open ended, with team members coming and going - and content servers with mirrors so new artists will have access to previous content without having to contact the previous developer.
So if you have the resources, and want to help - repost the mod content on your or other site and post a link to it here.

You may contribute what you wish, but please keep in mind the level of quality we're striving for - (akin to Unreal Tournament 2004 & Descent III) as an end result of mod team & community efforts.

Documentation isn't always possible or present, so comment freely about your ideas or questions concerning the mod and it's contents - so others may benefit from your presence.

In the beginning of the mod:
I had an idea for a Single Player AS/DM-Coop Map/Series:

It would basically be similar to the 'Descent' game series and some of the community maps that were made from that game, which aren't nearly as many as UT - but still a lot of them.

I wanted to start off a little different with a disabled 'SpaceStation' map though with little or no gravity, that you would need to restore simulated gravity to have it.

So I would need to make a new/few adjustments on some weapons like a propulsion gun/flame thrower as a default weapon/inventory item or a jetpack - for a means of travel since you could get stuck as it where, in midair/space.

Maybe low grav for small asteriods/planets that you are supposed to mine for resources or blow up a hidden reactor deep inside/underground, or some other mission - possibly 1 or 2 per map, or through a mission briefing - the ability to pick from a list of missions for each map.

Any ideas/contributions would be appreciated! I've wanted to do this for quite some time, just never really had the time - still don't but...
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