WoW Insider Transcript: Part Deux!
2007-08-02 6:11 PM PDT
Question: Edge: blizz usually take a whole lot of time to announce let alone release new addiotns to their games... do you think blizzard will manage to release another wow expansion just after 1 year? (or could they be finally be honouring their expansion pack per year promise?)
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: Rob Pardo has said that they are committed to churning out one per year
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: I don't think it'll happen in February, but I think they will release it in the first half of next year
harpere: ...but the CMs have sort of backtracked on that language since Pardo initially said it.
amandarivera: Actually yes, I think they are rocking with enough people on their team, and they are refining their release process as they go along. It'll happen
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: the last BlizzCon was fall 2005, and the expansion didn't come out this year, so who knows
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: *until this year
harpere: I'm really concerned over the fact that the CMs have basically denied any promise for a specific expansion release date... it makes me wonder if we're back to the same old "when it's done" game -- though Amanda makes a good point, they do have enough of a team to get the work done, I think.
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: here's an arena question

Question: Oracle} Anime: [TTHS]Prophet: Again on the pro esport area, WoW Arena 2v2 has gone pro but the mechanics mean that certain combinations being far better than others. Do you think Blizzard will aim to balance this (seeing as it has gone pro) or do you think people can accuse them of passively doctoring the outcome of the arena ladders in favour of certain class combinations?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: first of all, 2v2 isn't pro arena, according to Blizzard (who like 5v5) or the WSVG (who like 3v3)
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: 2v2 isn't balanced enough to be pro, from what I've heard
harpere: I believe Blizzard is actively working to balance these things.
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: meh but two classes at a time is so hard to balance
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: espcially if they start throwing in hero classes
amandarivera: In order to balance things out, there would have to be a limit on abilities and gear, and I don't see that limitation being forced upon the 2v2
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: yeah I think 2v2 will keep being a fun thing, and 3v3 and 5v5 will remain the "pro" arena ladders
harpere: Of course, even if we look at 5v5 Arenas (the finals happening at BlizzCon), 25% of the players are Warriors. I think there are some balance issues going on -- but I also think Blizzard is working on addressing them. Just look at the 2.2 patch notes, which
harpere: aim to address a large number of PvP-specific inconsistencies.
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: here's a good one for us

Question: Boojangels: What game do you think the Beta key in the goodie bag will be?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: Starcraft 2 all the way
harpere: I'm holding out hope for Diablo 3 still!
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: I doubt they're going to announce a new game AND give out beta keys
harpere: But SC2 is far more likely, with a smaller possibility of the next WoW expansion.
amandarivera: hmmm....well honestly, I'm still waiting for my beta key to be used from the last BlizzCon

Question: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: here's a good one from the unofficial room: Kumbol wants to know if there will be a new BG in the expansion
Answer: amandarivera: I am hoping that it will be for SC2, if not for the next expansion
amandarivera: ooh how about water based pvp! that would be an awesome battleground
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: yes, I agree with SaintAvalon-- I want new maps for old BGs
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: I want to see a new CTF map at 10-19
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: I want to see a new Alterac where Horde has a better lay of the land
harpere: I think a new BG is likely, and I also think new maps for existing BGs is likely.
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: I don't want to see any new BGs until we get updates of the old ones

Question: ĹĮĽ_ŜĂŦǺП™: question: since wow will be releasing 1 expansion every year... what will they do with all the old content? people will forget about it and not play it just like naxx and mc and ony lair now.... what to they plan to do about these lost dungeons?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: well first of all, we still need to see heroic mode on the old dungeons
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: but I would LOVE LOVE Blizzard if they announce new midlevel content tomorrow
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: not only would that make alt leveling more fun again, but it would bring a whole new crowd of players back into the game, and bring people back to the old instances
amandarivera: I have heard lovely things about revisiting midlevel content. I am hoping that with the addition of Northrend we will also see the opening of Uldum, which is connected to the city on Northrend, Uldamar.
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: right
harpere: I think whenever Blizzard releases the next expansion, they're going to be looking carefully at how TBC rolled out. I.e.: TBC arrived, and everyone left Azeroth and never bothered running any of the raids or dungeons there again.
harpere: What they might actuallly do about that... revamp old content, add to existing content as they add new content... that's the real question, in my mind.
harpere: I'm all for heroic Deadmines. >
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: oh man that would be so fun
amandarivera: VC at 70 would RULE
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: heroic SM needs to happen soon too

Question: SaintAvalon: ~~ Have you ehard anything on the new VOIP system that is built in game? What options might there be, like muting specific people, or disabling it during a pug run? Any special things that come with VOIP for raiders, or guilds?~~
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: VOIP is coming in 2.2, so pretty soon, compared to all the other stuff we're talking about
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: you will be able to mute people, and I haven't seen the guild interface yet, but I'm guessing it will be pretty involved
amandarivera: I personally don't have much more info than what I've read off the WoW site
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: the better question might be: will you use teamspeak or the ingame voip?
amandarivera: It really depends on the functionality of what Blizz offers. If I can get the same options, or even better options, and not lag to death, I will be a happy girl.
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: lag will be interesting-- the game is often laggy, but TS never is
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: actually that's not true, it is laggy
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: but it's not as important with voice chat as it is with pressing the right buttons at the right times

Question: [TTHS]Prophet: With World of Warcraft being left behind graphically very quickly and the fast progression we are seeing in technology at this moment in time, do you think Blizzard will look at upgrading the graphics engine with the third expansion or even this coming exapnsion?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: I think Blizzard might have more complicated models, as they did with BC
harpere: well, i'd like to point out that one of WoW's driving forces its its lack of high system requirements. it makes the game accessible to a wider audience
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: but in terms of revamping the whole graphics engine, no-- Blizzard is known for polish, not cutting edge graphics
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: right
amandarivera: I don't know that its feasible to expect them to restructure the bones of the game. They have kept with the low poly models even with TBC, and I expect them to continue with this.
harpere: (as opposed to Lord of the Rings Online or Vanguard, which just look terrible or won't even run on low end systems)

Question: newbasaur: NewbasaurWill/has WoW hindered blizzard from making a Warcraft 4? Or if they decide to make it will the plot suffer because of WoW?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: I don't think Blizzard wants to become the Warcraft company-- they like all of their properties
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: but I think Starcraft II hindered them from making Warcraft IV more than WoW did
amandarivera: I don't think there has been any hinderance if they decide to revisit Warcraft RTS. Also keep in mind that the writers at Blizzard are extremely inventive, and have a great tradition of weaving new lore into older storylines.
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: what's after blizzcon, asks this guy

Question: [TTHS]Prophet: It's all well and good discussing what Blizzard might announce at BlizzCon, but what do you want to see from BlizzCon 2007 and also from Blizzard over the next year to two years until the next BlizzCon?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: I don't think Blizzard is thinking about anything after the next expansion-- Metzen has lots of ideas I'm sure but they'll be working on just this for now
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: guild banks are coming soon, and housing may be on the menu at some point
amandarivera: Hmm...well I do think we will see Diablo 3 in our future, and if Mike is right about a new franchise, we'll have all sorts of possiblities open up.
harpere: looking far out into the future, there's still Diablo 3 and their "next gen" MMO
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: and if we don't see Emerald Dream or Maelstrom tomorrow, we'll see it eventually
amandarivera: I also expect we will see revisting of the midlevel zones, connecting them to new content
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: yeah the other idea i had was like a "shadow world" where you could visit old zones ina new light
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: like "shadow elywnn" and "shadow darkshire"
amandarivera: Also keep in mind we have all those portals in Outland we have to go through
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: and oh yes the portals
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