WoW Insider Transcript: Lightening Round!
2007-08-02 6:15 PM PDT
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: ok we've got about 10 minutes left, so let's do a lightning round
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: I'll post questions, and you guys just quick punch in a yes or no answer
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: and you questioners, you ask lots of yes or no questions
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: everybody ready?
amandarivera: No
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: YES
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: ok here we go LIGHTNING ROUNNDDDDDD

Question: cthulhutron: Do you see anything in the blizzcon area which would hint to a WotLK expansion, such as banners or something?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: NO
harpere: nope
amandarivera: Nope

Question: curruptmind: Question : will there be a collectors edition to new expansion if so what kind of pets do you think they will give us in it?
Answer: amandarivera: yes
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: YES, pandaren
harpere: yes
harpere: and who knows with blizz what sort of crazy pets they'll add

Question: {Dark}Canna: Can I have a Murloc Suit?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: NO!!!!
amandarivera: I'm hoping for a baby worgen
harpere: sorry, i'm keeping mine!

Question: Boojangels: Wow breaking 10 million player mark?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: YES
amandarivera: nope
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: O RLY
harpere: yes
harpere: (the real question is when)

Question: weaksauce: question: wil there be a wow 2?????????
Answer: amandarivera: and yes
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: there already is
harpere: if you aren't providing that question with any timeframe... then yes.
amandarivera: no
harpere: (but i think they're just as likely to attempt Starcraft or Diablo as new MMO franchises in the future)

Question: SaintAvalon: YES OR NO Will hunters pets get some pathing where they don't get lost, stuck, or otherwise incompasitated?!?!?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: no, nerf hunters
amandarivera: down with BRK

Question: Emy?!?!: Will there be any neutral races like lets say goblins so that both Alliance and Horde be able to chat easier with friends?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: NO
amandarivera: Neutral races I see as a third faciton, but not facilitating communication

Question: Oblivion: CAN I HAVE A COOKIE
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: NO
harpere: Obl: only if you're at BlizzCon
amandarivera: NO

Question: [TTHS]Prophet: Plate for Shadowpriests?
Answer: amandarivera: Hell no
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: HELL NO facemelters
harpere: wouldn't that be a deathknight?
amandarivera: good point

Question: {Oracle} Anime: can i have sex with mike?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: eerrr maybe
amandarivera: Depends on if you're coming to the meet up

Question: {Dark}Canna: Do you think Warlocks will get nerfed or buffed?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: nerf warlocks
amandarivera: neither
harpere: neither
harpere: i don't think they need buffing or nerfing -- though some other classes need work in comparison.

Question: Infernuz: Do a barrelroll?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: YES, it's over ninethousasssaaannnnddd

[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: ok everybody, I think the lightning round's over
amandarivera: Huzzah
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: and I think the chat's done too-- THANKS everyone for asking questions, see you at BlizzCon, or at
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: AND THANKS XFIRE!!
amandarivera: Thanks y'all!
[WoWInsider]mikeschramm: see you at the wowinsider party tonight right?
[Xfire] mbg: Thank you
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: All Right Everyone. Thank You Again to Mike Elizabeth and Amanda from WoW Insider. If you'd like to see the transcripts visit the Xfire Blizzcon 2007 Blog!
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[Xfire] mbg: for now you are stuck with the pants (orange ones!)
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{Dark}Canna (cannas) 2007-08-03 10:26 AM PDT
Question: {Dark}Canna: Can I have a Murloc Suit?
Answer: [WoWInsider]mikeschramm: NO!!!!
amandarivera: I'm hoping for a baby worgen
harpere: sorry, i'm keeping mine!

Haha! That's me when I asked Mike for a murloc suit! He so shot me down ;-; I so want that murloc suit still! I'll do anything! Anyytthhiiing!!!
niklawnamdaed 2007-08-05 6:01 AM PDT
Then BUY it on e-bay