Team EG - The Huks Chat Part II
2007-08-03 2:05 PM PDT
Question: fealubryne: From what experiences you've had, would you say the people who don't min/max (in teams and/or specs) stand a chance in arena, or is it better to go with a set makeup of classes with set specs?
Answer: [Team EG] Tiz:
That depends entirely on what your gameplan is. Its certainly easier to use a tried a true setup, simply because for the most part they are very balanced and versatile. Thats why people gravitated to them in the first place. But you always need to be on the lookout for ways to twink your specs to fit your needs. Even fighting against teams with identical matrixes, we have always noticed different playtyles within thoses matrixes.

Question: Do you think that a team can be competitive playing only 10 games a week?
Answer: [Team EG] Spinister:
I do think that you can still stay competitive only playing the minimum amount of games per week, but that certain team would need to be a core team, have an unbelievable amount of chemistry, and superior coordination between each other to achieve this. Basically what I'm trying to say is with the competition the way that it is right now, it's next to impossible.

[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: We have about 5 min more with EG...
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: and then a special guest from nihilum

Question: What do you think about the practice of transferring servers just to play in a more competitive battlegroup or with a specific team?
Answer: [Team EG] Tiz:
I cant blame the teams that do it, because frankly I am often tempted to as well. We wont leave our battlegroup because we love the community and there is still alot of competition here. What really needs to be done is some sort of system that allows inter battlegroup matches to be setup so top teams can compete with eachother out of LANS though. Its one of the most important steps needed for WoW to really excel as an Esport.

Question: What do you think about the practice of "farming" the same teams over and over or queuing up only during certain hours?
Answer: [Team EG] Spinister:
This kind of practice will get you nowhere and farming the same team to pad your points in arenas is a reflection of your e-peen in ratings.

[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: one more from EG
[Team EG] Tiz: Ok one more question from me here.
[Team EG] Spinister: Going to answer one more question before I leave.

Question: Blizzard has released six 25-man dungeons for The Burning Crusade but only 1 new battleground and 3 arenas. What additional PvP content would you like to see besides new gear and class balance changes?
Answer: [Team EG] Tiz:
Id like to see more fine tuning of PvP balance in general. There are so many aspects they need to improve on with small tweaks, but i accept it will never be perfect. As for BG's and Arenas, they would be nice, but they just arent as important to me as the ability to fight more teams on other battlegroups more often. I think the combat is far more important to a pvper then where he is doing it.

Question: Did either of you play under the old honor system for ranks such as knight-lieutenant or field marshal?
Answer: [Team EG] Spinister:
I was one of the original players from the Illidan server that grinded myself to high warlord through the old honor system. Probably one thing I regretted while playing this game if I have to say so myself. Basically running battlegrounds everyday for about 18+ hours for 4-5 weeks straight =[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: but stay immediately tuned for Jonas from 5 min or less

[Team EG] Tiz: Thanks for the questions guys! Hope you all have a great weekend. Off to enjoy Blizzcon!
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