Team EG - The Huks Chat
2007-08-03 2:05 PM PDT
We just concluded a chat with Team EG's WoW squad The Hukhukhukhukhuk's.

The Team:

The chat (Tiz and Spinster):

[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: hi again
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: we will get started now
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: start asking questions
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: and we will start pasting them
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: here they are
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: ...
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: one sec
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: i flubbed
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007:
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: here they are
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: lol one sec again
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: yeah!!!!!!!!
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: here they are
[Team EG] Tiz: Hey guys I am Tiz from Team EG. We are sitting here waiting for our first match against Nashwan. I am the orc warlock on the team
[Team EG] Spinister: Hello, this is Spinister from Evil Geniuses also known as the Huks
[Team EG] Spinister: how are you all doing today
[Team EG] Tiz: at BlizzCon! FUN.

Question: Every team except for one runs a warrior/paladin/shaman core. Do you think that they are required for a successful 5v5 team?
Answer: [Team EG] Tiz:
I dont think its required so much as it is one of the easiest matrixes to do very well with. Personally I would consider the priest even more important to pair with the paladin/warrior then the shaman though. Its pretty vital to have multiple dispels when going against teams with alot of CC.

Question: Did the increased armor values on season 2 gear balance the damage taken by casters or is it still better to wear plate compared to anything else?
Answer: [Team EG] Spinister:
I believe at t his moment I think that the increased armor values has not scaled as significant;y enough to produce that big of a damage mitigation on softer armored classes such as priests/mages. Often times they can still drop at the blink of an eye.

[Team EG] Spinister: you guys can go ahead and ask more questions btw ^^

Question: With the upgrade of arena gear in season two, do you think that competitive PvP and PvE in WoW can exist separately where one no longer requires the other? Naxx guilds used to totally dominate players wearing PvP blues whereas now arena weapons are so good compared to anything raiders can reasonably expect from 25-mans. Do you think this reversal is justified?
Answer: [Team EG] Tiz:
This is one of the bigger issues alot of pvpers are starting to question. In season 1, the pve gear and pvp gear were very balanced, but with the introduction of BT, PVE gear is actually starting to scale at a point where it can far outstrip the pvp equivalents. The only time the pvp gear is really good in pve tends to be with the weapons.
[Team EG] Tiz: I really hope blizz can bring back the semi-balance we had with season 1. I dont want to have to pve constantly in order to remain a competitive pvper.

Question: [TTHS]Prophet: Question: As you get to play Arena on a level with far better gear balance than at the average players level, would you say that the Arena system is far more balanced at your level of play or that Blizzard still have some problems and issues to iron out or look into?
Answer: [Team EG] Spinister:
So far it has been balanced in my personal opinion. I do think that Blizzard has a knack for details that not very many companies can come close to and it really shines in Arena. Coming off personal experience of course

[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: ok they are finding their groove...thanks so far for the great questions...sry for the late start

Question: Although each class may have talents in all their trees oriented towards PvP, not all of them are viable for competitive play. What do you think about the existence of cookie-cutter "PvP specs" for each class? Dps classes still have to pick templates very different from what they use in raids.
Answer: [Team EG] Tiz:
Its never going to be balanced. People who play these games are always going to be min-maxers. Id love to see situations where all specs have a place, but ultimately its more likely that players will find odd matrixes that can use those specs over blizzard completely overhauling them and creating further problems in new directions. I want to go destruction too ok.

Question: Do you think that the introduction of the new resilience gems has promoted more diverse gem usage for socket bonuses or do players still like 12 stam gems the best?
Answer: [Team EG] Spinister:
It's still all about preference, when people start realizing how important and imperative it is to have a good balance of resilience and stamina. For dpsers like warriors and rogues , they are going to start to see attack power scale better with the resilience change than the crit gems.

Question: For the 3v3s arena tournaments hosted by WSVG, teams were allowed to bring a large enough lineup to totally reconfigure their group composition mid-match and not just talents. Do you think that system should also be allowed for 5v5?
Answer: [Team EG] Tiz:
No, and frankly the WSVG's way of handling it is very poor. WSVG is turning into a game of bringing a bunch of classes you can play well, and then sitting down the counter to your opponent. I have played at the 2 american WSVG's and Dallas was literally turning into a musical chairs match. Thats not fun, and there needs to be some sort of system to limit the way teams choose the matchups to face each other with.
[b] [Team EG] Tiz: besides, 5v5 is by far the most balanced matchup. It is FAR harder to just outright counter a setup with a simple switch. Thats why I have always considered it the best format. I just hope more 5's tournaments come along.

Question: Do you keep around any alternative setups with team members who only play around 30%?
Answer: [Team EG] Spinister:
Back in season 1 we used to run a myriad of groups for our other members of our teams to get their 30% minimum. Actually late at night we have been known to use a heavy physical 4 dps group to get through our rated 5v5s. We ran for the most part Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Hunter, Paladin. It can get pretty disgusting as to how fast soft targets blow up due to this without the right support.

Question: Do you believe that there is a rock-paper-scissors metagame in 5v5s?
Answer: [Team EG] Tiz:
Similar question to the last one, but I really dont believe 5's is rock-paper-scissors unless you build your team in one of the more odd matrixes. If you have classes with no synergy, you arent going to have an easy time of things, and EVERYTHING will seem like a counter.

Question: pure.b4it: What are you personal feelings towards the nerf of Engineering in PVP?
Answer: [Team EG] Spinister:
Personally I'm kind of dissappointed I am not able to use my engineer made bombs in arenas. I would definitely be using those bombs like candy, but I guess everyone else would be as well.

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Ritchie (funktipuss) 2007-08-03 2:13 PM PDT
Bah, I left because 90% of the people in the chat kept asking questions related to the expansion pack/Starcraft..without even realising this is a pvp team, not Blizzard.
[TTHS]Prophet (lythria2005) 2007-08-03 7:03 PM PDT
Yeah - I noticed there was a distinct lack of moderation in the question channel and also that people didn't really ask any valid questions which annoyed me. Furthermore, I was really disappointed with the way in which they answered questions. As a top end PvP team I was expecting far more from them and they didn't deliver

Was nice to get chance to ask them stuff though ^^ If you need moderators for chats I'd be perfectly willing to help out btw