Wrath of the Lich King!
2007-08-04 12:10 PM PDT
Hey Blizzard fans! Artaxs here with some inside info on the new WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King!

So, I managed to strike up an off-the-record conversation with two of the community managers from WoW, and I had a chace to play some of the opening quests from the new Expansion on the Horde side.

First off, they confirmed that Northrend, the site of Arthas' castle, IceCrown, will not be an entirely iced-over continent. The opening zone I played was coastal, and the neighboring zone to the north is Sequoia / Redwood forest. They said that they were hoing to avoid what they called "The Kalimdor Mistake" ie. repetitive boring desert everywhere.

Secondly, yes, the level cap will be raised to 80. The new profession is "inscribing" and *yes* we will be able to use flying mounts in Northrend, but not until "level 75 or 78" as they want to "keep us grounded and guide us on foot" as we start exploring the new continent.

There weren't any new talents to show off in the demo, but I picked up some interesting drops including "Frostweave Cloth" -- at least we know that the tailors will be kept busy!

No one wanted to talk about release dates, but it's Blizzard; they will release it "when it's ready". =)

I got a chance to play the Terrans in SC2, but I don't think I'm ready to take on TwiceUzi yet.... maybe after a few more rounds and some time with the Protoss I can challenge our resident RTS expert to a match.

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Kumbol (kumbol) 2007-08-04 2:17 PM PDT
Great I really like the idea of letting the flying mounts from the higher lvl in Northrend (this would be just totally too easy to lvl up with them). However, I'm still confused about if they are letting the "outlandish" mounts to fly around in Northrend... just imagine Aether Ray and the face of Arthas when he see them bombing his so perfectly prepared Scourge...
I'm also a little angry about the moving of Dalaran to Northrend... Yes, OK, myabe this will be the first thing in WoW that got changed and pushed the lore a bit forward but this step is controversial. How this could be miraculously rebuild when the Kirin Tor is in ruin due to the Forsaken's action on that terrain, and even (z0mg) moved like a space ship to the Northrend, over the seas :OO For me it sounds like a rubbish... I hope this will be explained somewhere in the future or maybe Kaplan will say a word about that on the upcoming chat

azuretotalwar.com (azurecuzyeah) 2007-08-04 3:28 PM PDT
I watched the opening Blizzcon video yesterday night talking about WoW and that seemed very cool. Not enough to make me buy and start playing though. I am sure I would turn into a zombie if I did.

Anyway I watched the starcraft 2 presentation on the terrans it was awesome. I cannot wait to get a hold of starcraft 2. Maybe then I can stop whoring the frozen throne.
BewareOfButtlice (bewareofbuttlice) 2007-08-04 3:31 PM PDT
probably wont even be released until late next year, is my guess. Im probably going to quit the game until it comes out anyway, they dont implement enough stuff to keep ongoing players interested in the game. It never changes. Always the same thing. Once you reach 70 you can raid and farm gold and do wpvp/pvp/arenas. Once you get all the items you want, then what? You have nothing to do from there on out except level a new character. What if you already have 2-3 70's and dont want to level another character? in my opinion they need to add AA points like they did on everquest to keep everyone interested before the release of the expansion.
[TTHS]Prophet (lythria2005) 2007-08-06 2:58 AM PDT
My guess is that the game will be released Q4 2007/Q1 2008 BEFORE the release of Warhammer Online. This is because this is exactly what Blizzard did to LotrO. By releasing it before a major competitor releases a title they effectively fatique the market adn reduce the amount of sales in favor of the competition. That is one of the main reasosn LotrO failed.
We shall have to wait and see but I am not expecting a release later than Q2 2008.
I am also expecting there to be a few more surprises in store for us in WotLK.
angryuser 2007-08-06 6:44 AM PDT
Well I totally hate the developers prevent us from úsing flying mounts just because they can't design prope quest. Why don't they ust ban all skills, talents, spells and armor from below 70 as well.
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