Jeff Kaplan Transcript
2007-08-04 5:30 PM PDT

[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: OK everyone in Xfire land
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: we are happy to be here at BlizzCon with Jeff Kaplan
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: He is sitting down with me now
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Hi everyone! Welcome to eBlizzcon!
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: so he will start answering questions right away!
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Q: Will all heroes in warcraft 3 be added, and if so, what will you do with Liches or Dreadlords? and is all the current class imbalance in the game a setup for the Death Knight?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: We want to see how the Death Knight works out before talking about new Hero Classes
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: The cool thing about hero classes is it opens a lot of doors to pay homage to our favorite War3 heroes
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: arrantprac: Engineers have been thirsting for information about the profession review for a while now. Are there any bits of info you can share with us regarding upcoming engineering improvements?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: They'll be able to craft a new flying machine... that much i can tell you
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: tabby Mc. Killerson: QUESTION: Will Northrend have lots of enviroments, or be a giant Winterspring?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: We are absolutely NOT going to make Northrend all snow and ice!
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Howling Fjord (playable here at BlizzCon) is a beautiful, green forest zone with high cliffs
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Borean Tundra has an "autumn" feel to it
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Grizzly Hills looks like a beauitful Redwood forest
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: We definitely won't bury in snow
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: just a little snow
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: Valken: Question: Will there be a closed beta for Wrath of the lich king, if yes will there be more then one way to get in. Like there was
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: There will definitely be a closed beta for Wrath of the Lich King
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: And like the Burning Crusade and our other betas there will be multiple ways to get into that beta
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: 1. How the thing with flying mounts is actually going to be in Northrend ? I mean, it will be a bit weird to see cosmic and ethreal Nether Drakes and Eather Rays in quite "normal" Azeroth envoirnment. Is this going to stay as it is ?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: We're still unclear on exactly how flying mounts will work in Northrend
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: This much I can tell you
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: There WILL be flying mounts in Northrend and you'll be able to fly on your mount. But not for the initial levels when you enter the expansion
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: 2. As I'm quite lore fun, for me it seems crazy for making Dalaran the capital of the Northrend How it was possible that ruined Kirin Tor was able to rebuilt it and (omagad) even transport the whole CITY through the sea to the new continent. Why you choose Dalaran for the capital role and are we goin to see logical explanation about how the Dalaran was formed in Northrend ?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: More will come out about that soon but basically the Blue Dragonflight has taken a turn for the worse and the Kirin Tor are concerned about it. What's about to ensue is a battle over magic and once Dalaran is rebuilt, it will be the staging grounds for that battle
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: . Since the Northrend is mostly the home of the Scourge, are we going to see again the brave Argent Dawn faction to have their spots in there or they just keepin the Scourge in the Loarderon ?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: No current plans for the Argent Dawn although they are one of our favorite world groups.
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: Toneko: Q: How was it to use WoW for an episode of South Park?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: It was awesome. I couldn't believe they wanted to feature our game. I thought they were just going to use a small clip and then they focused the whole episode on the game. We were all very proud and happy with what Matt and Trey did. We hope the show wins the Emmy!
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: Tuhani: Question: Why in The Burning Crusade was there only remodeled Mobs instread of completely new mobs?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Actually there were quite a few new models in Burning Crusade
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Arrakoa
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Etherals
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Illidan!
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: The Broken
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: The pit lord
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Wrath guard
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: the doomwhisper model
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: shall I go on? =D
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: Archeus: with the addition of death knights, and the fact that they will start at a higher level then usual, i'm rather worried that everyone will have a level 80 deathknight quickly, reducing alot of the epic feel of the class.
Are there any plans to deal with this, or is it intended for everyone to have a chance at playing the deathknight on a high level?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: There's not a huge concern about seeiing too many Death Knights
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: The appeal of any class is unique to the individual
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: For example, a lot of players like staying at range so they prefer mages, hunters, warlocks etc
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: others enjoy going toe to toe so they play warriors and rogues
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: and leveling is not too hard in the game - so really people can already play whatever they want
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: they tend to stay drawn towards certain roles
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: choclate and vanilla
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: or should i say horde and alliance
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: Boojangels: Question: After the 2.1.1 World of Warcraft patch, people seem to have very low Frames Per Second (including me), and I know there are more people with my problem because there is a 99 page thread right now on the World of Warcraft fourms. I was able to play just fine before the patch. My question is this, is the FPs issue being worked on, or is it not?
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: We have a great team of engineers constantly working to improve performance. We will definitely try to find out what is causing the issue you referred to
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Ok, I have time for one more question before I need to take off
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: SS2 Maximilian: How does actually Siege weapons are going to work? Will they be controled and moved by players or will they work by clicking on them? A little like in Guild Wars.
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Siege weapons are still being developed but we definitely want them to be player controlled. We also want the siege weapons to have mobility so they can be positioned and aimed.
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Our hope too is to introduce very "warcrafty" siege to the game -- things like Meat Wagons, Ballistas etc.
[Blizzard] Jeff Kaplan: Thank you guys so much for being here! I'm sorry I have to bail so early but things are a bit hectic at Blizzcon. I hope you all have the chance to come next time!
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Ritchie (funktipuss) 2007-08-04 5:43 PM PDT
explained a bit more of the game itself, sadly I couldn't attent the chat myself
angryuser 2007-08-04 8:50 PM PDT
If you get a chance, tell that Mr. Kaplan he is a fucking moron for denying us the user of our flying mounts from level 70 - tell him he should get better designers if they think it makes it "too easy" not to use the mounts we paid a fucking fortune to acquire.
[TTHS]Prophet (lythria2005) 2007-08-04 9:37 PM PDT
I'm sorry but what are you on about angryuser? Shut up...

As for the Jeff-chat...nice going Shame I couldn't be there
CopOut (valken123) 2007-08-04 9:59 PM PDT
I hope the beta's soon lol
Kumbol (kumbol) 2007-08-05 12:56 AM PDT
Yea, Jeff actually didn't say anything impressive, he got down with some myths and explained few things. That's their style Thanks Xfire for choosing my questions
turbulent2000 2007-08-05 3:07 AM PDT
nothing about buffing ferals((( Ohhh, sade....
[FF]Shadowclaimer (ffshadow) 2007-08-05 3:19 AM PDT
haha the first question about war3 heroes was mine =) was a nice chat but there were too many stupid questions flooding it.. he probably missed some really good ones.

As for flying mounts in Northrend, boofreakinghoo, you get them now at 70 and for the next few months you get to go gank lowbies in Hellfire on them, youll have to wait till 74+ to use them in Northrend, so quit yer whining.
angryuser 2007-08-05 4:54 AM PDT
"[TTHS]Prophet (lythria2005)
I'm sorry but what are you on about angryuser?"

Read the transcript.

"Shadowclaimer.deviantart (ffshadow) :you get them now at 70 and for the next few months you get to go gank lowbies in Hellfire on them,"

No I don't. Don't assume everybody is doing what you are doing freak.

"youll have to wait till 74+ to use them in Northrend"

That's not good enough, that EQ reject needs to get his act together.
[FF]Shadowclaimer (ffshadow) 2007-08-05 4:57 AM PDT
Why are you so upset over a petty flying mount? Its not like its that much of a loss, you can still use it, they just don't want us flying over all the sites and terrain and skipping most of it to go straight to the quest locations.

They don't build the world for us to ignore, they build it for us to enjoy.

And by the way, I actually never use my flying mount for anything other then tempest keep and mining =/ I play PvE to avoid all the ganking bullcrap that comes from PvP
niklawnamdaed 2007-08-05 5:54 AM PDT
wow, seriously, if you have SUCH a problem about it angryuser then umm...quit! Azeroth will be MUCH better without you in it!
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