MYM Chat Transcript -The1Crow&Beraa (Part 2)
2007-08-04 5:41 PM PDT

MYM]The1Crow: Supercop007: Were you disappointed or happy that Blizzard didn't unveil a 4th race for SC2 I am happy they did not, cause i dont wanted a new game. If u ask me, we got the old sc, but with new units and a new tech tree and ofc new graphic engine. And that is what I think is fine, cause a game that has the word StarCraft in it, should feel like the original SC
MYM]Beraa: Were you disappointed or happy that Blizzard didn't unveil a 4th race for SC2?
For me, I think it might have been cool to have another race but also three races is the best amount, four might be too much and cause for a game that might not be able to suceed professionally. It was just a rumour that there would be a fourth race, but anything is possible with Blizzard.
MYM]Beraa: ÂñÅ®¢h¥: Question: The units in Starcraft 1 were, by custom map makers easily transfered into real life roles, such as in Diplomacy or World War Two maps, did the development team have custom maps like these in mind at all when creating Starcraft 2, because the units which are able to move over hostile terrains so easily sort of suggest otherwise?
I have no theard anything on this topic whatsoever but I think after Dota's success on Warcraft III: The Frozen throne... I am pretty sure that Blizzard is keeping this in mind.
MYM]The1Crow: Xfire] Artaxs: So, do you think SC2 is well-balanced so far? Do you expect a nerf for the Mothership or for the Zealots / Marines? Well hard to say. Actually there is a guy who is working for nothing else then on balancing. We met him, and he said he is trieng so hard to make SCII balanced as the original one was. At the moment it seems he did a good job, but mb Terran seems to have a little advantage right now. But nothing is final and they gonna improve this I hope and guess
MYM]The1Crow: <WP-r>ChaosPrime: Question: Will there be and Open and/or closed Beta for Starcraft 2
Well, to everyone who bought a BlizzCon ticket got also a so called BetaKey for a next Blizzard game. Actually this game is SCII, so I guess there will be a beta mb
MYM]Beraa: Dayoni: The WoW guild Curse on Vek'nilash-EU recently signed up with MYM. How many players are now part of the MYM gaming family? How many sponsors do you have?
Yeah, well how many players or how many teams? For teams we currently play F.E.A.R, DOTA, WC3, BW, and now officially WoW. You can of course check out info about sponsors on ou website, The MYM family is for sure growing a lot :]
MYM]The1Crow: reaperdragon3: Question: have there been any changes to the build order of the races ?
No, the buildorder at the moment is the same for both races. So it feels like u play sc at the start just with new graphics. But with the new units also the buildorders changes ofc. The special new thing for Terran is that u can use for the extansion u built for once building also for other buildings, u just have to fly away the bulding and replace it with a different one
MYM]Beraa: ÂñÅ®¢h¥: Question: Could you tell us in which order the campaigns will take place? will Terran be the last campaign this time around and Zerg the first?
We don't have any information on the order of compaigns as far as I know, we really did not play any real missions with real objectives.
MYM]The1Crow: thaks for having us, was fun to answer zour stuff... feel free to check the MYM page with the BlizzCon pics and videos, thanks bye bye
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: Thank you guys!
[Xfire] BlizzCon 2007: It was great to have you on
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