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WWI WoW chat transcript 29-06-2008 1/2
2008-06-29 10:25 AM PDT
June 28th, Worldwide Invitational, Paris

To wrap up these two days where Blizzard showcased the Alpha version of their second extension to World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King, we've invited editors of WoW Insider to share their feelings on the game with our users.

[Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): The chat has started, and the staff from WoW insider will answer your questions as soon as possible

WoW Insider Jennie: Hello folks! Let's start off with some intros.

[WoWInsider] Turpster: Hello, My name is Mark "Turpster" Turpin, I am a member of the WoW Insider Podcast each week live on WCRadio.com! You might have seen me in TurpsterVision on Massively.com reviewing MMOs.

WoW Insider Jennie: I'm Jennie Lees, columnist and blogger for WoW Insider.

Zhingen (tharnar): Are passenger mounts confirmed?
WoW Insider Jennie: Blizzard has said there will be the ability for mounts to have passengers, but they haven't said much more than that yet.

Travis (hawkface): How well do you think WotLK will be received from the public?
[WoWInsider] Turpster: Blizzard always say that they make the games that they want to play. This approach of creating games that are compelling and released only when they are ready ensures that it's pretty much always a Smash Hit, I am sure we will see Wrath break BC's opening sales record

Nick (nicpic10): will there ever be any water mounts?
WoW Insider Jennie: Nothing like that's been confirmed. You'll be entering one of the new battlegrounds on a boat, but they don't plan to make them player controllable

[E.C]Aim (jorhun): are there going to be special battleground for the flying mount battles
[WoWInsider] Turpster: The flying combat mounts will be found in the new PvP zone named "Lake Wintergrasp" it is an open PvP zone with minimal PvE objectives, there are two types of flying mounts, fast "fighter" type mounts and slower "bomber" type mounts (which...
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WWI WoW chat transcript 29-06-2008 2/2
2008-06-29 10:20 AM PDT
Travis (hawkface): Can we expect to see more information at E3 thats in just a couple of weeks?
WoW Insider Jennie: Blizzard won't be at E3, so I don't think so

Travis (hawkface): Do you know if there will be a collector’s edition like TBC had?
WoW Insider Jennie: Don't know for sure, but Blizzard tend to do collectors editions so I'd think there will be one.

(nothingnessinside): Following Warcraft 3 Lore, Will Frostmourne corrupt the player, almost as Corrupted Ashbringer took stats away?
[WoWInsider] Turpster: I don't think that we will see Frostmourne in it's full state, I know at Blizzcon that Metzen joked that they would end up having players become the New Lich King when they picked up the blade, who knows what will happen, when and if it drops

Nick (nicpic10): what’s you favourite thing about wow LK so far?
WoW Insider Jennie: Personally I'm a feral druid with a shaman alt, so I'm really excited about the totem changes. I'm just excited about having new areas to explore and new dungeons to play, and as a tank I’m also really tempted by the Death Knight class. I can't wait

†CøldƒusiønҲ™† (soomld): are gnomes still sexy in wotlk?
[WoWInsider] Turpster: They are Gnomes, they have a Racial Passive to Sexy, plus 5 to lookin' hot!

Fafoon (fangfoo): Will blizz make wow more RP compatible?
WoW Insider Jennie: Someone asked this yesterday at a panel and the answer wasn't too promising. They said they put a lot of environments and objects into the game that can be used for RP already, I think they'll continue that, but you won't see any special RP-interactive objects or the like any time soon.

Travis (hawkface): Have any of you seen the new changeable hair or dances and if so what did you think?
WoW Insider Jennie: Nope, haven't seen them. Turpster did spend forever looking for a barber shop in Orgrimmar though... personally; I wouldn't trust an orc with scissors.

[Xf Helper-Tbc.pl] Kumbol (kumbol): Haha!

|Zs| Hawk (warriorhawk88x): Is there any...
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Xfire Academy transcript, 18-03-2008 1/3...
2008-03-19 8:16 AM PDT
March 8th, Online.

For the first edition of the Xfire Academy, we welcome TEK9, a team many observers consider the best in the world since their performance at the WCG in 2007. In an intense chat session where our users bombed them with questions, the 5 members of TEK9 answered every one of them before proving their point to three lucky users who got to practive live with the pros !

Academy Head (academyhead): Welcome everyone to the first ever Xfire Academy live chat. Our goal today is to help you improve your Call of Duty 4 skills. To do that, we're getting the help of none other but world class team TEK9! If you haven't read their tips & tricks already, head to http://www.xfire.com/cms/xf_academy_mar08/ now! The rest will all happen right here, right now, on Xfire. You may start asking your questions in the question room.

=«??»= XFUBX (xfubx): This question is for anyone in TEK9. What is your most disliked gun in CoD4?
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): MP4
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): I hate when a team use lots of SMG's.

|>WTF<|Viltsu' (viltsu90): Do you have any special favourite maps?
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): I love crash
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): ye I like vacant a lot because there's a lot of action in such a small map!

Gamert|JiMmYW78 (gamertjimmyw7: how do you avoid getting nervous while playing 5vs5 S&D matches
tek9strelok: Think that you're better than the opponent
kammyz: - I just dont think about it that much.

KageBushin (dohdongpah): Tek9, do you train you reflexes before starting a game or do any finger training.
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): Before a game I just play some deathmatch to get warmed up. It's not specially to train your reflexes but to get in shape before the start of the match.
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): I personally play CS 1.6 a bit, just to warmup. No need for special training or anything similar

Smith (-|DW|-) (nutterboy1991): Tek 9, what do u love the most about cod4?
kammyz: - gameplay, most weapons...
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Xfire Academy transcript, 18-03-2008 2/3...
2008-03-19 8:15 AM PDT
eLogic.smithiE (jamessmith135): how many tactics do you have on an average map for both offencive and defencive?
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): Depends on the map and on how much we need different tactics. We're pretty good at adapting to the opponent ingame and usually rely on that

MoJoMaaN! (mojoman13): Would You Like TO see Gaming As A Professional sport someday?
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): Of course, ;D

Repsol*** (repsoll): what s the best shotgun ?
tek9strelok: cod2 one

Es|Orako. (orako): How do you (TEK9) feel you stack up to other european and american teams?
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): When we're in shape we're probably the best team out there. Not too be cocky but we've proven that in cod2 allready and will do it in cod4 if we dont get too unlucky.

kryatdragon: whats better a barrett 50 cal with its firepower or a dragnouv with the semi auto?
kammyz: - barret

*Air* SpiersCro (spierscro): Do you guys get bored of playing games all day ?
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): I cant play games the whole day... i would end my life

` cpz (gensilver91): Seeing your team is not from the USA, do you prefer the other rule sets over the American one? Whats your opinion on that?
kammyz: - eu ruleset is alot better. I dont like the American ruleset at all

Cheetor (cheetor89): In your opinion, are grenades an essential part of the game?
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): At some point, if you dont have decent tac & stop nades, you cant win a game

L2p|mclood (bacwii): What do you think about THIS: M16A4 + Stopping Power + Steady Aim (my fav class)
kammyz: - Used to be my favourite class aswell =) its nice!

*Air* SpiersCro (spierscro): Do you guys live only from gameing prizes or you have a job too?
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): No we cant live from what we earn from gaming. All of us still go to school

*NY**Dagnov (dagnov): how u mats live your life with 24/ 7 gaming
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): We probably play games less than most of the people on this channel at the moment
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): We...
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Xfire Academy transcript, 18-03-2008 3/3...
2008-03-19 8:13 AM PDT
eLogic.smithiE (jamessmith135): how many hours a day does the full 5 man roster play together? and how are they spent?
tek9|haya (hayatje): 2pcws a day
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): Depends, on a normal day its 1/3 hours. On weekends we dont play, and before LANs we try to play a bit more but we often fail ;(

Shen^^ (shenkao): How do you guys experience the ACOG scope?
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): Never use it because it's not in competition.

Shen^^ (shenkao): How do you guys experience the ACOG scope?
tek9|haya (hayatje): personally i think its crap but in competitive play the scope is disabled

ShadeX (shadex00x): Do people recognize you on the streets?
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): It has happened before yes

MoJoMaaN! (mojoman13): What does it feel to be a Professional gamer and have people cared to play against you in a daily bases?
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): We are not professional gamers...

L2p|mclood (bacwii): MP5? Whaddaya think?
kammyz: - not good enough compared to ak74u

=«??»= XFUBX (xfubx): To anyone in [TEC9]. Which is the better Grenade? Flashban or Stun?
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): FLASH, stun is not used in competition

|>WTF<|Viltsu' (viltsu90): Is that right decision that almost all perks are disabled in competitive mods?
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): Yes, most of the perks are not suited for competitive play.

Gamert|JiMmYW78 (gamertjimmyw7: Which tactic do you suggest for backlot
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): Play aggressive on both side, try to focus on only one bomb site when attacking.

|>WTF<|Viltsu' (viltsu90): Is that right decision that almost all perks are disabled in competitive mods?
kammyz: - deffo yeah, its the right decision =)
tek9 OZWALD (ozwaldg): Don’t think it is, but the majority is always right...

[19:42] tG!Oxygen (jorisrx9): At what age did you play for your first time?
tek9 Networks Davy (davyyy): 15

[iToX]Moose (manicmoose07): People say that playing with players better than you is how you get better, but it just makes me feel degraded, Do you...
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2007-12-05 12:58 PM PST
December 5th, Online.

Prior to the chat that saw them answering our users’ questions, the players from Mym had an interview with OliT and Gerd from Xfire that introduced our guests to the WoW fans who attended this unique event

[Xfire] Chatteox: Hello and welcome everyone to the second edition of the Xfire EsportsZone. Today's guests are non other than the MYM WoW Arena squad members Akina, Macken and Prophet! These guys form one of the best WoW Arena teams in the world. They notably ranked 2nd at the European regionals last summer, which earned them one of the few spots in the World finals at Blizzcon.

Today they're here for us. We'll start with interviews at 19:00 CET and then at 19:30 CET it will be your turn to ask questions to our guests.

[Xfire] OliT: So, guys. Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.
mackzter: I'm Mackelina, Playing Paladin in MYM. WoW arena team. I am also co-guild master in the PvE guild.
MYM|Akina: My name is Alexander Andjelkovic, I play a warlock in Meet Your Makers called Akina.
Currently taking some time of my studies, but will continue with uni as soon as I can decide what to study .
MYM|Prophet: My name is Johannes, I live in Finland, been playing Wow since beta as a Tauren warrior, which I’m now playing in MyM. I'm currently a student and playing poker to get my bills and stuff paid

[Xfire] OliT: On to the next question! Ok, how long have you been playing WoW for?
mackzter: I've been playing WoW since the release pretty much, I didn't play the Beta too seriously because I wasn't really enjoying it too much. So what is it now, a bit more then 2.5 years?
MYM|Akina: I tried WoW for the first time in EU Beta, but never really got into it until retail when a server called Haomarush opened on EU.

[Xfire] OliT: You had a background as a team before MYM as well, could you tell us a bit about it?
mackzter: We have been in the same guild together for quite some time, Me and Prophet have played together for 2...
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CHAT WITH MYM 2007-05-12
2007-12-05 12:47 PM PST
December 5th, Online.

It’s easily figured out how occasional Sunday football players’ activity differs from the sport professional athletes actually practice. The gap between the casual MMORPG gamer and our guests on today’s EsportsZone is about the same depth. Back from their trip to Blizzcon where they battled with the best PvP teams in the world, Prophet, Akina and Mackelina from team Meet your Makers - MyM - answer our user’s questions and give us their exercised insight on the state of competitive PvP in the most popular PC video game around.

Auni™: What criteria do you have on attacking enemies? Do you attack cloth, mail or plate first or do you attack by choosing one class as the most dangerous one?
MYM|Prophet: It is very situational on what we take as a target, I’d say it’s more usual for us to take cloth, but we might want to lockdown a deadly class as well for awhile with dmg

Rocker 22: Do you play any other games or are you dedicated to WoW?
mackzter: At the moment I'm only playing WoW seriously, it takes up a lot of time since I'm playing both PvE and Pvp Other games are just for fun.

The Beast: What is more important full epic gear or much skill?
MYM|Akina: Skill is always more important of course, but gear does play a huge role in this game. But it's not that hard to obtain decent PvP gear nowadays.

pure: How do you improve your PvP/Arena Skills?
mackzter: You play a lot together with your team and also individually to have experience in alot of situations, and as I mentioned earlier, do your homework, watch videos/interviews/other teams.

AntiHero: What is better to team with a shadow priest, my team for 70 has a restosham, 2 warriors one arms and the other i don't know, and i think a mage and then has me, an undead shadow priest. Also, what's your take on shadow priests?
MYM|Prophet: I don’t think shadow priests have a role in a serious 5v5 teams anymore, they do work in 4dps teams still, but its a broken class atm. Fear is the...
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2007-11-13 2:49 PM PST
November 13th, Online.

For a unique chat session on Xfire, we've welcomed crow from Gotfrag to interview our guests from TEK9, the #1 CoD2 team in the world ranking, in front of a live Xfire audience.

crow: To get things started, why doesn't each of the TEK9 members introduce themselves to the audience?
tek9 Networks Davy: I'm Davy Sysmans from Belgium, currently studying Interactive Multimedia Design. Been playing the cod-series since cod 1.2 or so. I've been a part of Tek9 Networks Ltd. for almost 3 years now.
taurinebot: Hey I'm Alex and I live in the Netherlands. I'm 17 years old and I've been playing for Tek9 since October 2006.
TeK-9 Networks L-KiNG: I'm Daniel Luther from Germany , currently im trying to get my high school diploma. I'm 17 years old and im playing for tek9 since january 2007.
tek9|aydiiN: Hello, my name is Burak Aydin aka aydiiN, I was born and raised in Holland, I am 17 years old and still studying. I am playing cod2 for about 2 years now and I’ve played for tek9 for about 6 months

crow: You have been playing at the top level of European Call of Duty for some time now and that doesn't happen without hard work. Tell me about your typical day as a gamer.
tek9|aydiiN: Well, it's very simple actually if you like to play the game you will get better at it. I think just playing in my free time non-stop helped me pretty much to reach the top

crow: Obviously you didn't go straight to the top, how did you manage to work your way to where you are now?
taurinebot: I wake up go to school, hang around with some friends or my gf, then I get home and eat something. Afterwards I go to my pc and see if we're gonna play some cod with the team; if not, I start-up footballmanager.:p
tek9 Networks Davy: I still go to school so I get up around 9 in the morning most of the time. Sometimes I take some days off though and then I usually sleep till noon . Then get washed up and all that cliché stuff and see if I have stuff to do for school. ...
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CHAT WITH TEK9 2007-13-11 1/2
2007-11-13 2:30 PM PST
November 13th, Online.

They're not only witty, smart and eager to share with our users their experience as a team, they're also talented enough to be ranked the #1 team in Call of Duty 2.
With CoD 4 barely launched, these five gentlemens from all over Europe (France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands) will tell us all about the red hot sequel they're about to compete in to try and prove they're still the best.

Q: what would be the 3 tips TEK9 would give to win a game
ozwaldg: Play as a team, never be greedy, and never make useless negative comments to your other team8s

iPhobia.DiO eSports DDD: my question : do they think they will be @ top in cod4, because, lots of teams in cod1 weren't so good in cod2
taurinebot: Yeah when we start praccing again we will be a top team again.

*TBC*Ghost_recon: How was TEK9 made and where
tek9 Networks Davy: - Tek9 was founded back in cod1. All the information about that you can find at: http://users.pandora.be/leunens/statement.html. This was the original statement back then!

Q: Hi Tek9 , Cod4 is out now , but you've been playing it for a few days as crow said , do you think COD4 will be more popular as an ESport game or will its popularity remain the same as cod2?
TeK-9 Networks L-KiNG: As Davy already mentioned Activision finally seems to support the game, which will help cod4 to grow at the beginning. Further more we’ve got an attractive public system which means that cod4 is gonna have a bigger community than its predecessors.

koxy <3 UT 3: sooo how did you feel when you owned the highest clans in COD history like SPEEDLINK,LOGITEC.FI?
taurinebot: Felt pretty good

#kAur: If any of you have played css / 1.6 do you think cod4's play style is of a similar style?
ozwaldg: I played 1.6 for about 5 years but never really did seriously (as a team). But the game play of cod4 is basically just like cod2 (nothing like 1.6), but 1.6 brought some extra experience in cod2.

F3t1sh: How does gaming affect...
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CHAT WITH TEK9 2007-13-11 2/2
2007-11-13 2:25 PM PST
Lubu: When playing against a good clan do you watch there demos and try to pick out there weak points?
TeK-9 Networks L-KiNG: -- in former times I did that together with sko, but we stopped doing that when he went inactive
ozwaldg: Davy knows!
tek9 Networks Davy: D:

#TroxX: Tek9 with whom would you like to play most in a team?
ozwaldg: Qwerty coz he’s constantly pushing the team forward with his positive comments and useful advices
tek9 Networks Davy: - I always wanted to play together with Raz because he's really really cool and a great player.

#kAur: How are you guys finding the cod4 ranking system? I’m more hooked than I was on wow haha
taurinebot: I hardly play on publics so I don't really care that much, but I guess it's addictive for some people to reach a higher level.

Anatase: What do you receive from sponsor? Is there any new sponsor you would like to have?
taurinebot: Microsoft

|M&M|Cpl.Smithy: do you play in single player mode and do the missions, or just stay on multiplayer?
tek9|aydiiN: Playing single player is for fun, I think it has nothing to do with Multiplayer. So what I did is just play multiplayer, because it is a big difference online then single player. You will get a lot more experienced by doing that of course and a lot of the things that are in single player you can't use them in the multiplayer.

#kAur: What happened / is happening with the jeplaa movie :O?
tek9 Networks Davy: - The producer stopped being in contact with us since end of august and I'm getting sick of this. We will probably release the beta screener soon which is basically the movie but without intro/outro.

'EeG~Admin.Marder: the biggest problem for most clans is the communication. Do you agree?
taurinebot: I don't know about other teams actually, we actually don't have very good communication so it isn't true for us

koxy <3 UT 3: where did the name TEK9 come from? :O
tek9 Networks Davy: - It was actually MITOX3's idea to name it tek9. There's no logic behind it or anything. He just...
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