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Running raw gameplay livestreams
2012-07-11 11:02 AM PDT
With my new CPU/GPU I can broadcast even better. At the moment I'm testing my system and connection's limit for how high a framerate I can go (up to 60) on both 720p and 1080p content.

Of course, it all varies based on the game, but for emulation I am able to do 720p @ 60FPS no problem, provided I keep the internal resolution down. Surprised my 670 is brought to its knees with maxed out settings. (course, it IS rendering at 3072x2688, guess I expected too much from the Kelper line, especially since this is essentially a stock 680) Testing 1080p settings now, will update later.

Anyway, if you want to see raw gameplay of a multitude of games in varying genres, feel free to tune in to my broadcasts. I don't have a set time as this is all a hobby right now, but should my channel get big enough I will stream on a regular basis. (Ideally I'd like to stream ALL my games, but some still seem to have issues with causing sluggishness (frame drops I guess) while recording, despite being well above 60 FPS.)
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UDK, Scaleform, CryEngine, CSS, PHP, MyS...
2012-01-25 4:42 AM PST
Needless to say, I've rebooted my web and game design activities.

Whether because of the year of the Dragon (of which I was born in the Earth Dragon year), or because of something else, I'm now really eager to get back to learning/work.

This has been my goal for years; I need to stop loitering about.

Another good coincidence is the fact that my webhost updated their server infrastructure, so now the login is faster and the file structure is a bit more streamlined. Whether they're finally updating PHP and MySQL is another thing entirely (I hope so!).

If anyone's interested in pitching some game ideas or wants to offer their art/programming skills to my cause, feel free to contact me.

And like always, if anyone has any job inquires for me (ie. job offers) for anything relating to the IT, web or game design fields, I am eager to accept.

Made a little post about things on my site:
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Still unemployed!
2011-09-30 5:23 PM PDT
Did I mention I'm still unemployed and am great with PC support, good with nutritional information, decent with web design and poor with game design?

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Xfire Avatar
2011-08-03 2:53 AM PDT
Farewell my old avatar I've been using since 2003.

It'll take a while to get used to the changes.
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Blind luck
2010-12-03 12:11 PM PST
I must be blind!

I have such awesome puns.
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My 'friends'..
2010-08-02 5:15 PM PDT
Aren't so much friends as they are tools.
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I can't believe..
2010-07-28 5:50 AM PDT
And I can't speak.

Forcibly muted to prevent conflicts.

My desires are mine alone, shared with those who won't forsake me if told.

I wish I could recover. My willpower isn't the same anymore. With more piled on top of me I just sink even further.

When am I going to come around?

When will it come around?

I'm in such dire need.
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2010-03-08 4:28 PM PST
I've lost more friends in the last half a year than I have my entire lifetime~
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2010-03-07 10:02 AM PST
Movies that everyone needs to watch:

Super Size Me.
Fat Head.
Food Inc.
Addicted to Plastic.

In that order.

I strongly recommend everyone who hasn't seen them to watch them as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the longer you live uninformed, the more you wish you would've known earlier.
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2010-02-06 2:04 AM PST
"Why can't you turn and face me?"
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