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CoD 4 - Englisch Sprachpatch! (Kein Text...
2008-08-29 2:12 AM PDT
CoD 4 - Sprache auf Englisch umstellen!

Hey Leute, da man über google fast keinen ordentlichen Treffer erzielt, helf ich euch jetzt mal mit diesem Link, den ich gestern fand:


Dort kann man die nötigen Dateien + Anleitung herunterladen!
Ich find das Spiel echt 10x geiler, wenn die Marines auch wirklich Englisch reden
Dieses Patch ändert nur den Sound der Stimmen ins Englisch, heißt: Keine Veränderung der Menüs oder Texte.

Ausserdem ist dieses Patch nich verboten und wir d somit nicht durch Punkbuster etc blockiert bzw euer CD-Key NICHT gesperrt.
Das liegt erstens daran, dass die Dateien (localized_german_XX.iwd nicht von PB überwacht werden und zweitens sind es ja sowieso die ORIGINALEN Englischen Sprachdatein!

Hav fun, greetz
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COD4 Tweaks - Console Commands
2008-08-23 8:43 AM PDT
Performance improvements(Verbesserung der Performance):

  • Punkbuster Sleep Settings:

    \pb_sleep 500 (tells punkbuster client software to wait longer before awakening and sending info to PB)

    \pb_writecfg (makes the above setting permanent so you don’t have to do it each time you log in)

    - The above changes the frequency that your PC reports to the server and thus reduced frequency of network spikes and the associated latency.

  • Packet transfer setting:

    \cl_maxpackets 100

    - This setting helps smooth out data transfer and should help if you have a cable or other high speed connection.

  • Enable higher Frames Per Secon (FPS):

    \com_maxfps 125 (Default is 60 so this may help overall FPS. Some say this should be set at or just above your average FPS to smooth things out)

    - This allows your game to go allow higher frame rates that the default. Set it to a value you want based on the capabilities of you machines…can go as high as 1000

  • Field of View (FOV):

    \cg_fov 80

    Example of fov 65:

    Example of fov 80:

    - If you want to widen your field of view from 65 degrees to 80 degrees, use this command. NOTE: This basically “backs you up” to give you a larger viewing area at the sides but it does make user/soldiers/enemies slightly smaller at the same time. This command does not affect machine performance and is merely a preference to give you the ability to see more.

  • Manage whether or not extra or duplicate packets are sent to the server:

    \cl_packetdup 0 or 1

    (1 is default and this sends an extra packet of data in case the first one is lost. If you enable the lagometer (see tools below), then you can see if you are losing any packets. If yes, then leave this at 1. If no, you can consider changing to 0.

In game tools:

  • Show framerate so you can see how your PC is performing.

    \cg_drawFPS 1 (choices are 0,1,2,or 3 where 0 = off)

    - At a minimum, you need to try to be above 60FPS so that you have no visual choppiness. Reduce textures, shadows,...
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