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2014-02-18 10:49 AM PST
Before you start with "Who died?",no one did.I just made this to honor the memory of my best friends of Battlefront II.They were my comrades,my brothers and sisters.They were the best gamer friends I could've asked for.We went through many fun times and memories.From RPG's,to holding off waves of bots of the infected.These people I revere:
(Commander Cody)(HeatMaster)(Fumasu)(Alpha Leader)(MLJ21299)(GreenRed)(Altenon)(WarBird)(HackerMan2000)(Carter)(Matt)(TheOpress)(CaptainObvious)(Maj.Fox)(Tatertot)
(TheLemonFox)(Captain Fox)(mr. bob)(EpicKitty)(Meow)(Vexouos)(Longlegskillyou)(herself)(yo mudda)(Rex)(Ari)(Airforces)(Niners)(Barbossa)(Gamesters)
(Revan)(HAWK)(Loanmowerz)(Dat guy)
If there were a song I would pick to commemorate these people,it would be Perfect Day by Lou Reed.( knows.Maybe one day these people might or might not return.I hope they do.If not may they lvie on.

"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be." ~Douglas Pagels
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