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The Road Ahead...
2011-10-10 4:05 PM PDT
The future, as as cliche as it sounds, is rather unpredictable. Every single one of our actions, big or small, can impact the lives in which we are to live, the destinies in which our footsteps are to follow. The very essence of fate breathes upon us, as we realize that to become the superior man in society, we must suffer through our own hell. We must travel into the pits of our own dreams, facing every consequence, but yet at the same, grasping every opportunity that wiggles its way to freedom.

While we are still young, the corrupting habit of procrastination is still evident within our fragile minds. But this is the opportunity to seize our dreams, to grab the very core of it; it's time to start thinking about your future. Who are you to be? What will you find on your way to glory or failure? Don't be afraid, now is the time to step up, to face your fears, now is the time when we separate the men from the boys...

My teacher once told us to plan our life, simply to write our goals for each year, a crude timeline on a piece of paper. However, the catch was to write everything in pencil, because no matter how hard you try to follow a strict guideline to live your life, nature/fate/god will throw an opportunity or obstacle in your way to test your mortal being. Pass this test, and possibly many others to come, and you will, in your own terms, succeed.

In life, there are many traits in which you need to inhibit to succeed. While some traits are merely optional, there are three that you must keep in mind.

1. Endurance- No matter what happens, no matter how hard you fall, always get up. Your soul is made out of steel, your heart is boils like a volcano. Grit your teeth and pull through, there is always a light at the end of the road...

2. Confidence- Don't let anyone, ANYONE bring you down. Like I've said before, and I'll say it again, you are 10x better than you think of yourself. Through confidence, comes greatness and through greatness, comes success.

3. Respect- Possibly the most...
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Serenity or Sorrow?
2011-09-02 6:01 PM PDT
Sometimes life doesn't turn out as you expect it would, in fact, forget sometimes, always. The things you've fought so hard for, disappear and vanish within the course of 2 seconds or less. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you fight, life constantly dangles your hope on a string inches away from your sorrowful face. What do you do? Where do you go? Give up or continue? Fall and stay down or fall and pick yourself back up? Stop and cry or stop and decide? Which paths do you take? Serenity or Sorrow?

Everybody wants peace, diplomats, cops, even ordinary people. But when can we ever achieve eternal peace? Upon our deaths or upon the point of our lives where nothing really matters, where all the world to us is just a three dimensional sphere composed of scientific compounds and unimaginable mysteries? Do we achieve peace when we have lost our war, when we have lost the one chance we've been clawing for since our very birth?

Sorrow, everyone's experienced it...the loss of a loved one, the deep and never ending feeling of being heartbroken, the feeling of being isolated, betrayed, forsaken... Sorrow destroys us slowly, eating it's ways into our very heart and corrupting every good part every happy moment of our lives. We ask ourselves, who am to him/her? Nothing. Who is he/she to me? Everything. Take this path and you will not only hurt yourself but it will do absolutely nothing to right the wrongs of your life. Pick yourself up, start walking don't stop, on fact don't you ever stop...
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A Storm Is Coming
2011-08-19 5:50 PM PDT
Look around you, today, tomorrow, yesterday, time flies fast and once it goes it can't be stopped or retrieved not even by the tiniest millisecond. Now, look further into this godly force known as time, look beyond the paths of deceiving luxury and beneficial torture, do you see it? Do you see the hopeless, dark and forsaken future? Do you see what we are to become, a foolish and pitiful forsaken race blinded by the very aspect of human greed and cruelty? A big storm is approaching and I'm sorry to say that it may be near impossible to finally seek redemption. This is probably our last chance to finally save ourselves so, will you selfishly save yourself and scar the face of future humanity while you sit in your chair all high and mighty wearing suits worth 50 men's salaries or will you selflessly act and save others in sacrifice of your life? The choice is yours and every one of you out there will travel one of these two paths. But only time can tell it's effects...

"If I am bound to die then leave it be, but if you are bound to save me then let it be..."
By myself, Redemption 21st century.
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What's That Thing In the Mirror?
2011-08-07 12:29 AM PDT
There may be days in your life when you look in the mirror and you absolutely hate the person behind it. You might do just about anything to change that person, ranging from extreme makeovers to personality changes. You might think you've covered up this ugly side, but in reality, it will always edge to the surface and no matter how many times you've tried changing, this ugly side will always be a part of you. Covering it up is as useless as putting a napkin over a fire, in fact the fire might even stand taller or more vicious. This is who you are and you can never change it...

Upon finding out that you've been beaten by this ugly side, you may want to end your life or maybe even torture yourself. You are confident in your heart that people will look down upon you with the utmost disdain and treat you with with unimaginable disrespect for the monster you are. You are absolutely certain that no one will ever ever become your friend or your lover. Let me tell you something, You Are Wrong. Whatever you think of yourself, good or bad, trust me when I say this, you are ten if not, twenty times better than you think of yourself. People look down upon those who think shit of themselves, and I'm being dead serious here, if you learn to respect yourself and love yourself for you are then, people will respect and love you in return.

I've probably said this many times before, but I'll say it again, "No matter who you are, there is always someone out there that will love you, for YOU." Think high of yourself, you are not a monster, there is always good in every person, use that as leverage to heighten your optimism. By doing this, your ugly side will still be evidently present, but people won't see it as well; if they do see it however, they will not acknowledge it. Because in their eyes, you are perfect...
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The Key To Wisdom (From My Perspective)
2011-07-28 7:14 PM PDT
During my 15 years of existence in this humble earth and extraordinary life, many people, young and old alike, have taught me that wisdom comes with experience(In a 3-in-one package of only two payments of $29.99). Of course, this is true as those who are old and have experienced more, have more wisdom and a stronger sense in the meaning of life. However, from my personal experience and observation, one does not need much experience to actually gain wisdom...

One thing I realized these past years was that people do not see the world around them. They do not look beyond whats in front of them, they do not think outside their own square foot or centimeter box. People are, in other words, blind. To actually gain wisdom, you have to look beyond what people give you; you have to look into the very lives of human, animal, and plants alike. In simple terms, you have to put yourself in their shoes. By doing this, you are training yourself to better understand people and yourself. We, humans, are all equal in body language and emotions. We all experience the same emotions in certain circumstances. For example, if you're happy, you smile or you laugh, if you just got a full force blow to the face, you would either feel shocked, angry, or if you're truly unique to a point where you're abnormal, you may feel happy. Because we all experience the same emotions, it makes it easier to put yourself in someone's shoes in times of distress or happiness. You can imagine to feel what they feel and why they feel this way.

This is just one of many factors that contributes to acquiring wisdom. There are many more ways, ways in which I have yet to discover. But for now, when someone says to you "You can't imagine what I'm going through", you can actually reply "Yes I do."
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Sinner (Revised)
2011-07-24 5:28 AM PDT
AS he looked at the limpness and lifeless body of his unfortunate victim, certain pleasant memories of his past "Jobs" flourished him. Whether, it'd be murder, robbery, torture, or anything that was related to pain or suffering of someone else, he was the man to get it done quickly and efficiently. He was the man who did not feel pain, did not feel emotions. As he dawned upon the time where he murdered another man equal in status, he began to smile. Murder made him very happy. He was by all definitions, a sinner.

Gathering up his tools, he could not help but wonder about the reasons in which he committed these murders. He could not help but think about how he killed for no reason, how killing was his pastime and other smaller crimes such as robbery were what he called "Dessert" following his main course. He was perfectly satisfied with his weekly routine of hunting one victim, preferably to be done every Wednesday. The rest of his days, he spent on his job as a politician, a quite big one in fact, he was supposedly running for senator in a week. But deep inside, he knew the man he was, he could never chain his hunger.

It all started 10 years ago. His best friend, in his eyes, had betrayed him by joining a rival gang and weeks later, was found shot dead in an alleyway along with 2 of his gang mates. From then on, he swore with all his mind and soul that people have to be punished. Betrayal, corruption, violence was clearly evident in this world that he lived in. There was no light in the dark, there was no savior in hell. Taking matters into his own hands, he began his imposter career as a politician, specifically targeting the rich and corrupt to punish for their sins. But every once in a while when boredom edged in, he would pick a lesser person, sometimes a beggar or sometimes just an ordinary teenage boy walking home.

No matter how much he killed or robbed, he was never satisfied. There was always something wrong with his procedures, the victim was either too proud and...
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Death, The Inevitable Ending
2011-07-23 5:21 PM PDT
Some people claim they do not fear death. Others however, are more honest and claim they do. But no matter if you fear it or not, it will happen to you, god forbid before your actual time. The real question is, how well will you handle it? Will you cower in fear as a serial killer points a gun at your head, 2 seconds from ending your meaningful or meaningless life? Or will you smile at the gun point, looking forward to the experience which is yet to come?

We are all mortals, therefore we die. There is not a single person or thing on this earth that lives forever. But death, in actuality, is just a wall that stops you and says to you "You have served your purpose, it is time to go." (Yes a wall that talks -_- don't doubt me) Death is nothing to fear, it's just a part of life, as many times as you've heard that before. It is of course, unavoidable, and when the time comes, it is up to you to decide how you will spend your last moment on this earth.

Even with death, there is still hope as people around the world have created a variety of beliefs of the "Afterlife". Some believe that when you die, you reincarnate into another being depending on the actions of your former life. If you were a good person, you may become president, but if you're a bad person, you may end up as a peanut or a little and useless goldfish. Others believe that through death, all answers to your problems will be revealed to you and you will have the option of being reborn into another human being. The most popular belief however, is through the Catholic and Christian ways of Heaven or Hell. If you lived a good life you go to heaven and if you lived a bad life, you go to hell.

No matter what you believe, do not speed the process of your ending, live your life to the fullest, make no regrets and never ever look back and say what if I did this. Suicide is not an option, just let nature do its thing. We play the hand dealt to us with the best of our ability. And when the time comes, "Death Awaits Me,...
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Money Makes The Devil Look Small
2011-07-21 4:11 PM PDT
Money, a force so powerful, so corruptible,and so evil that it should be labeled as its own layer of hell and its own cause of mortifying sinfulness. It can further be classified as cause of death physically and of course, mentally. This unstoppable force tears families apart, separates star-crossed lovers, and provides motive for committing possibly the worst of crimes. This is what we have done to ourselves, we have created a monster that cannot be stopped, a monster that feeds on the very mind of man. This is humanity's never-ending drug.

While I despise money greatly (Not saying I'm broke or anything, I just never let money control me), others cherish it and even protect it with their very lives. Those who do let money take a hold of them see nothing in their eyes except for paper and metallic circles. Their love has become nothing, their mentality and morality has more or less been destroyed. Salvation from this is near-impossible as it requires the person(Or victim in this case) to give up everything including their second soul which of course is money. Many people have been on this path before, yet very few have escaped it.

We do not live for money. We do not despair for money. We do not kill for money. We do not take our own lives for money. We do not love for money. We do not hate for money. And we certainly do not fight for money. We do nothing for money except work and use it. That is something people have to understand, if money is what you live for, then I am very sorry to say that you do not know the meaning of life and that you have been wasting years in confusion and manipulation. We are victims of this devastating force and we should try with all our might to fight off the unyielding grip and the mind bending control of money. After all, money is what will inevitably, destroy and tear apart my own family...
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An Awkward Moment
2011-07-19 1:46 PM PDT
An awkward moment when...

1. You walk into a bathroom and find two guys just standing there watching people do their thing.
2. You are the attention of a crowd of people and don't know what to do.
3. You try to start up a conversation with someone but end up getting them to say less than 10 words in reply.
4. You're sitting by yourself waiting for your parents and all these pedophiles keep eying you. DUDE I'M A FRICKEN 15 YEAR OLD BOY!
5. You stammer when talking and end up saying something like, Hey do you wan=ft thyhd klnbajkdf this evening?
6. You feel awkward.
7. You're flirting with a girl and you realize that you already have someone at heart. -.-' Stuck on trying to reject.
8. You ask someone something and they just stare at you. Those eyes staring into your very soul sending you to the depths of their hellish minds. Fantastic.
9. A 60 year old just smiles at you for no reason.
10. Bad boys think they're tough by trying to stare you down. That's when you take out your camera and capture those priceless facial expressions.
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War-Scarred Hero
2011-07-15 4:01 PM PDT
War is ugly. War is devastating. Where "The rich sit back and let the poor do it's work", war may be the worst flaw humanity has to offer. It seems that no matter what happens, people just have to fight, people just have to kill. But it's the always the innocent that lose their lives, never the guilty.

For those like me who live in America, we are all aware that we are constantly at war. The main question however, is WHY. Why are we at war? Why are we losing millions upon millions of cherished lives to the blood-soaked battlefield of hate and in-justice? The obvious answer is of course, pride. We fight for our country, we fight for what we believe in, we fight for our dignity and ground to which we stand on, to which our future generation will stand upon. We fight, specifically, for us.

For those who have lost their lives in war and for those who are currently within the grip of battle, you must know and keep it in your heart and mind that above all else, you are a true hero. When no one else would stand up and fight for their country, when no one else would value loyalty and honor over their lives, YOU stepped up, and YOU fought for what YOU believed in. No matter how bad or glorious your country is, you would sacrifice sweat and blood to protect it. You are a hero, valiant, courageous, and self-less. It is YOU that brings hope in the darkest of times, and it is YOU that lays the foundation for a new beginning of a new and better world. To the heroes of war out there, thank you, thank you fighting, thank you for protecting us, thank you for standing up for us, and most of all, thank you for giving us hope.

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