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Uninstalled Xfire... Then returned later...
2011-10-15 4:56 PM PDT
Though, most of you will probably not even like, care.

Probably talk stuff behind my back now. But, I decided to uninstall Xfire since it consumed my disk space and I felt that since Steam is more convenient, I just uninstalled Xfire.

I guess its kinda like a goodbye to all of my friends on Xfire who aren't friends on my Steam. I will post blogs from time to time. But, just keep in mind that I love you guys.

Especially ACE.

Then I came back like 3-4 months later.

PS: My Steam is )\H/(Todas Putas HECK YEAH for those who haven't added me in their Steam yet.
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Gotta Uninstall Xfire
2011-07-21 12:12 PM PDT
Right now, Xfire is eating away too much of my computer. So, I must be uninstalling it soon. I just don't think it's worth it anymore since Steam is more convenient.

So, I won't be on my Xfire unless I am on my cousin's laptop.

You guys can contact me on Steam... Only Steam. Not until I decide to reinstall it. For now, my Xfire account will be inactive.
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The Archive
2011-06-01 7:32 PM PDT
This is basically a log of my other real project, which is still yet to be named.

It's about an independent battalion that goes missing because they unknowingly crossed into National Federation lands, which is being ruled by a strict government. The battalion is in the wilderness and has no idea that the Royals and Nationals have been plotting against the Brineswood Confederacy.

The battalion would soon find out their secrets and try to race against time to warn the country that has been independent from the Royal government for the last 30 years.

This story takes place in 1979 and the weapons are from the Vietnam War era because I am too lazy to make some new weapons. Well, I might in my spare time. But, I am too busy planning for the next week or two to really do anything. So, just remember that this is just your good ol' pal trying to work on some stories.
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Making New Stories
2011-06-01 4:45 PM PDT
My current project will take like years to finish. So, in the mean time, I will throw in some stories that I have been working on, but just not on my laptop.

I'd probably start on it over the weekend.
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For weekly stories...
2011-04-11 6:01 PM PDT
Well, I have many stories to tell, but I got so many that I want the readers to pick. So pick your favorite story by commenting and I will post it in the next blog post.
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Testing the Blogging System
2011-04-03 9:05 PM PDT
It works.

I guess I will be keeping a weekly blog. Just to soothe my boredom. There will be stories, some things that I remembered back then, and some other junk in the back of my mind.
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