No Hacks
2012-02-10 6:35 AM PST
This rank was done in the full bf2 with Aix mod without using any kind hacks, all clean.
Read it & weep Cobra member's.
See i have showing you time & time again that i don't need to hide behind hacks or stay stuck in Hack Fest Demo, doing this only go's to show u all suck ass & have No skills and can't handle being OWNED by someone with skills, so you end up banning them, EVER SAD and again u haven't showing any proof of me using hacks in the last 6 months.
Yes i did use hacks in the pass but i realized that my skils are at the point that i can own u all without being a PUSSY that need to depend on HACKS.
Maybe one day u will all grow up and STOP living on HANG UP ( Koczmen )
I wish u all the best of luck.
Keep up the good work using hacks, it just go's to shows us all that your nothing, but weak ass clan.

U All Been Bitch Slapped by ~ ҉ṎřÃñĢȩĴǚɫčĚ҉ ~ & aka as ~ Çṝῗḿṣṍἧ ~
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