2010-11-23 5:02 PM PST
Earn 140 tp points in 1min 40sec (Update: due to an update with Dwarf/Elf starter area, this method doesn't work anymore, I believe. However, the- giving you 5 tp when you first play on that particular server may still work so maybe its done differently. I'm keeping the guide for archive.)


copy (ctrl C) & paste (ctrl v) this link to your browser for more info, or follow these easy steps:

1) log in to other servers
2) pick dwarf, make sure the skip tutorial is check.
3) find Dwallin, he'll be on your left.
4) Accept & finish the quest.
5) Log out or exit the game and repeat step 1-5.

Note: every server gives 10 pts so you may wanna deduct the server you're already playing on totalling 130 pts. Also the time to complete this process depends on your computer so it may take longer than 1:40


Earn 840 tp points (only during Yule Festival)

To do so you must participate in the winter event by earning Title Writ. Each title comes with a 5tp and there are six: Thespian, Star of the Show, Protagonist, Villain, Extra, Laughing-stock. All of this totaling 30tp per character.

Doing festival quest gets you coins and tokens.
1 Quest = 4 Frostbluff Coins
4 Frostbluff Coins = 1 Yule Festival Token
6 Yule Festival Tokens = Title Writ

You may also earn these titles by participating in theatre (you get pick randomly along with oh so many ppl).

Note: It is possible to acquire 840tp, assuming you are a Free player with two character slots (1260tp if you are Premium with 3 slots). Assuming you are a Free Player, 30tp times 2 character slots is 60tp. Now 60tp, we're only talking about 1 server and there are 14. So, 60tp times 14server is 840tp However there is a catch to acquire that amount of tp and that is time. You already know that it takes time for these quest to recharge and complete its cooldown. Whats more is it'll take an amount of time just to get your newly created toon to the Festival area. Below I've listed some if not all you might need to know.

- It takes about 30min to finish a starting area. Which means 1 hr per server just to get your toons to Winter-Home (Frostbluff).
- Minimum lvl to do frostbluff quest is 6. Then by doing the quest you can lvl up and hopefully you'll be able to do Unwilling Firewood quest where you gotta kill lvl 10 trees.
- Do not do A Charitable Spirit quest, where you giveaway 10 frostbluff coins for nothing.
- You can use the Tarnished Whistle mount to help you move around. Acquired by opening gifts given to you by finishing starter area.
- If you have many character slots and would like to figure out how much tp you can farm use this equation 14 * (c * 30) where c is the number of character slots.

And that's about it, if you discover something new while doing this, please post it up!
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