4.21 Games Update
2011-04-21 8:00 PM PDT
Hi everyone,
Today, we sent out version 44203 of our games update. This update includes 22 new games, and 7 updates for existing supported games. The new games include:The update for existing supported games include:The update should be on it's way to your client, or you can download it directly here.

#Team Xfire
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₪dkelable๏̯͡๏ (szem3adak) 2011-04-24 3:13 PM PDT
Did I miss something about FJ? It's still not on the list, is something wrong with it and xfire I don't know about?
Criav (criav) 2011-04-26 7:28 AM PDT
Would be cool if you could tell us what that "FJ" thing is..
Andre (020385) 2011-04-27 4:04 PM PDT
You can add a game with a series of Tunguska?
₪dkelable๏̯͡๏ (szem3adak) 2011-04-27 11:12 PM PDT
Sir-Peter (sirpeter1946) 2011-04-28 5:33 AM PDT
when can we expect a update for the german RIFT community?it works only for the english version?
Hatty aka Flo ♠ (fkflo) 2011-04-30 1:43 PM PDT
Stronghold Kingdoms is no longer detected by Xfire. Doesn't matter even if I run the exe or use the Tools -> Launch feature. This occurred after Stronghold Kingdom's update on the 12th of this month. Just a heads up.
Kensei (bfn) 2011-04-30 10:51 PM PDT
What about a proper minecraft support
nate (nathtehsourcepro) 2011-05-04 9:58 PM PDT
the link is broken?
Arzatros Von Matchet (matchet23) 2011-05-05 9:08 PM PDT
League of Legends are not fixed for european version yet... or at least I cannot force Xfire to detect League of Legends.......... help me superman
JIMMY ADJA´s|edonos (edonos) 2011-05-23 3:10 PM PDT
cant download it...
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