Grand Chaos Play2Win & 5.26 Game Update!
2011-05-26 10:51 PM PDT
Hey Everyone!

Xfire and SGI have partnered for our latest Play2Win Competition to celebrate the release of Grand Chase: Chaos! Grand Chase is the world’s first real time online fighting game that enables up to 6 players to engage in thrilling fights with each other.

Join the chase to save the world, and unlock some awesome prizes. The game is free to play and all prizes and download links can be found on our Play2Win contest page. The contest runs from May 27 through June 17th 2011, and unlocks are granted based on hours you remain logged into Xfire while playing Grand Chase: Chaos.

Also, we sent out game update version 44233 of the Official Xfire Game Update with 18 new games and fixes for 14 games. As always, we want to give our sincerest thanks to the Xfire Game Master team which painstakingly champions each game listed here. Each game must be petitioned to the clan, then endorsed to make sure it's a good and solid definition. Their tireless efforts help make Xfire the best, and we thank them for their time and effort!

The new games in this update are: And fixes for:
    Fable III: Fixed XIG [XFGM] Fix
    Little Big Adventure 1: Twinsen's Adventure: Fixed launcher [XFGM] Fix
    Trickster Online: Changed name and added XIG [XFGM] Fix
    Gothic III: Forsaken Gods: Added Steam detection [XFGM] Fix
    Gothic III: Added Steam detection [XFGM] Fix
    Gothic II: Added Steam detection [XFGM] Fix
    Deus Ex Invisible War: Added XIG and Steam detection[XFGM] Fix
    Battlefield 2: Added Steam detection [XFGM] Fix
    Hitman: Blood Money: Added Steam detection [XFGM] Fix
    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin [XFGM] Fix
    Doukutsu Monogatari: Added XIG support [XFGM] Fix
    Eve Online: Fixed broadcasting and mousebleeding [XFGM] Fix
    Thief - Deadly Shadows: Added Steam detection [XFGM] Fix
    APB: Reloaded: Enabled screenshots and videos [XFGM] Fix
The game update is probably already on it's way to your Xfire client. We're tracking a bug where your download gets stuck on "Getting Metadata". If you encounter this issue, please try to restart your Xfire client. We will have this fixed in a future Xfire client release.

Game on,
Team Xfire
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Se Comech (secomech) 2011-05-26 11:52 PM PDT
nice job xfire!!!
Saig Omaristos (saig49) 2011-05-27 12:24 AM PDT
Thanks for Starlancer Xfire
BlackCanopus (blackcanopus) 2011-05-27 2:39 AM PDT
The games which have been added by XF staff have a link to the game's page next to their titles in the official blog. The games which have been added by XFGMs do not have that link. They have a link to XFGM community page instead. Wouldn't it be nice if you put a link to the game's page next to its title, just like the games which have been added by XF staff?
Criav (criav) 2011-05-27 2:12 PM PDT
blackcanopus -> there's always the search box at the top of the page
[X-101st] <3 (ninja0x0star) 2011-06-03 2:03 PM PDT
Awesome job Xfire. Awesome job ^-^
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