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The Xfire Trophy live on Source TV !
2008-01-22 11:28 AM PST
For our users attending the "play with" event prior to tonight's Xfire Trophy on CS:S, we give you the opportunity to watch the matches of the competition live on Source TV !

Thanks to Ludovic who's helping us fixing the servers, here are the IPs to those Source TV servers you can join to watch the matches exclusively on Xfire, two months before Game One airs them in Arena Online !

Alternate aTTaX - Meet Your Makers on de_train:

Reason gaming - WebOne on de_inferno:

Join those servers to watch the games live on Source TV, starting at 22:00 CET.

And don't forget to thank RegnaM who designed those for our beloved users to enjoy the competition exclusively !

Also, please post any feedback on the event in a comment to this post! If you liked it, please write about it, if you didn't, then we want to know why! You can make the events better, and we want to give you the best events possible.
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Pro Night coming up - Aaaaamazing!
2008-01-18 6:24 AM PST
Here's a recipe for you:

2 parts 4Kings
1 part TEK9
1 part Dignitas
1 part Birmingham Salvo
and to spice it all up, 1 part of the pride of France, emuLate.

Shake with ice to combine, and fill up with a load of Xfire users.

Congratulations! You just made the upcoming Xfire Pro Night. On the 29th of January we have some of the of the best teams in the world, in some of the biggest games in the world, ready to play with you, our users, until you drop. I can honestly say that I am very excited about this, and I think it's the coolest lineup for a pro night ever.
You will be able to play Call Of Duty 4, Counter-Strike:Source, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2.
I think I'll be stuck with COD4, and naturally I am working on the event. Just as usual.

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you, remember. We have all the teams ready to play Free For All and Mix games with you, now all you need to do is show up. Let's make this one the biggest so far.

For the complete schedule and other info, check the event page.

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Ladies on air
2008-01-18 4:02 AM PST
Sorry to all our non french speaking users, they will have to wait some more until they can catch the semi-final game of the last Xfire Trophy between emuLate and starComa.Tagan.

But for all of you who have the chance to catch Game One, don't miss the show tonight at 20:30 CEST !

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Ooops, they forgot something...
2008-01-14 7:59 AM PST
To those of you who won the Crysis packs and recieved them, only to notice that the crucial (well..) wristbands that we promised you were missing, rest assured.
They are coming soon. Qpad unfortunatley forgot to send them, but another package will arrive with the wristband.

More packages for youuz, yeay!

Sorry about the inconvenience!


PS. Here's a bear to comfort you. DS.

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Introducing the players
2008-01-13 3:32 PM PST
A new year, a new trophy, a new game, a brand new set of teams.

CS:S has offered a number of emerging Counter-Strike teams in Europe a good opportunity to start all over again and get a chance to reach the top of the rankings while most power-houses stayed true to their franchise game.

Now a very respectable and highly competitive discipline, also very popular all over the world and among Xfire users, CS:S gets its chance to shine.

Let's introduce those four teams who will represent the Source on tuesday.

WebOne, from France, who reached national pride in 2006 when they won the french qualifier for ESWC has now become one of the strongest contender in CS:S in Europe. They'll show up with rFLEX, SmithZz, Day, L0rdZz and JoJo.

Some of our users have met with the danish team MYM aleady, at least its WoW Arena section who visited us for a special chat last year. Their CS:S too is among the best in Danemark, consisting of eXce, orga, h0lm, rytme and inCre-.

If you're supporting them, think about getting our brand new Xfire MYM skin !

Reason gaming is a british team sporting warclown from Norway, FeTiSh, c0bain and jIMMy from Danemark, with hudzG, the local englishman completing the scene.

Alternate aTTaX from Germany closes the rosters for this very European event watching the best teams from the most dominant countries in CS:S. Introducing their crew of ej, GreX, Head, JLN and mEiJinp who broke the rule not allowing pseudos longer than 4 letters but was still invited since he's all right.

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The first Xfire trophy of its kind !
2008-01-09 5:15 PM PST
Not only is it the first Trophy event this year, it's also a chance for our Counter-Strike: Source users and fans to meet the CS:S pros live and help them warm up.

Until they can watch the competition on Game One in a few weeks...

CS:Source has now become quite a challenger as far as competition goes to CS and it's about time we check those pros in and give them a chance to prove they're quite as good.

Come meet them on the January, the 22nd, at 19:00 CEST and play with the pros for two hours until the official competition starts.

To join in the "play with" event, head straight for the Xfire Trophy mini-site and add one of the accounts of the pros listed on top to play with them and help them warm up before they compete.


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MYM goes skin(ny)-dipping.
2008-01-09 9:20 AM PST
We just released a new Xfire skin, with a quite distinctive MYM theme. MYM is one of the world famous gaming teams that we arranged an event with recently, and we simply felt that they were such an amazing team that a skin had to be made.
And here it is. I personally think it turned out really well, and we all hope that you think so too. Give it a try!
I figure that Xfire never will look the same.

Well, this is actually my first (after the merge) post in this new blog, and it feels swell. I hope that all of you will stick around for all our updates, and our attempts to be funny. Such as the subject in this blog, that was hillarious. No? I thought so.

Click the image or here to get the skin. And while you are at it, visit MYM's homepage as well, you will find it here.

Well, have a great day, and enjoy the new skin.
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The winners of the QPAD Crysis packs
2008-01-02 12:24 PM PST
It's a holiday for everyone ! Sorry for keeping you waiting, winners of the QPAD Crysis packs, at long last, here comes the list :


ch3wby FRANCE

ninjadenantes FRANCE


thshaw FRANCE

papapandou BELGIUM

bullfrog693 GERMANY

lat0rde GERMANY

krypel GERMANY

finnegutten NORWAY

manzanito VENEZUELA

deathfromearth USA

szandra22 HUNGARY

kenschumi GERMANY

wow20051988 GERMANY


Visit Qpad's Website to discover other products from QPAD.

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A night to remember
2008-01-02 12:10 PM PST
The play with event is over and the girls are now playing the real deal in the Xfire Trophy !

Thanks to all of you who attended this night to help them get ready for the big stage.

Some of you were thanked already with one of the 15 QPAD Crysis packs who were given away to some lucky sparring partners.

But we hope it was Christmas a week early for most of you. It certainly was for the girls who enjoyed themselves a lot for 2 hours spent with xfire users.

To thank them one last time for bringing to Xfire their style and grace, we invite you to post your feelings about this very special night in the comments.

Tomorrow, we'll also post the names of our 15 winners who took home a pretty nice trophy themselves, showing the ladies the way.

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Xfire Trophy game on Game One
2008-01-02 12:09 PM PST
Before we move on to next week's long awaited event, let's remind you all the games of the last edition are aired on Game One as we speak.

Tomorrow, Friday December 14th, you can witness the second semi-final game of the 6th Xfire Trophy between French teams emuLate and Atlanteam.

The winner will face dimension 4 in the final, while the loser will go at it with oXmoze in the 3rd place match.

Excuse my french... We had to bring out the blue, white and red for this one !

C'est que ce mois-ci, sur Game One, le Xfire Trophy parle français !

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