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Game Support Update 2011-07-15
2011-07-16 11:12 AM PDT
Game Support Update build 44313 was released on Friday July 15th with 18 new games and 4 updates.

New Games:


  • Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures: Re-launched as Age of Conan: Age of Conan: Unchained
  • The Wonderful End of the World: Detection fixed [XFGM]
  • Need for Speed Prostreet: Fixed detection [XFGM]
  • Beyond Good & Evil: Added Steam support [XFGM]

Head of Support
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Game Support Update 2011-07-08
2011-07-12 6:23 PM PDT
Game Support Update build 44303 was released on Friday July 8th with 17 new games and 5 updates.

New Games:

  • Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition
  • War Inc Battle Zone
  • Volvo - The Game [XFGM]
  • SpaceChem [XFGM]
  • Battlestar Galactica Online [XFGM]
  • Crazy Planets [XFGM]
  • Drag Race World [XFGM]
  • Exoplanet War [XFGM]
  • Forsakia - The Lost Clans [XFGM]
  • Madden NFL Superstars [XFGM]
  • Maegica Online: Order in Chaos [XFGM]
  • Hamilton's Great Adventure [XFGM]
  • Hellgate: Global [XFGM]
  • Thug Battle [XFGM]
  • Social Empires [XFGM]
  • Six Gun Galaxy [XFGM]
  • N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: ELITE [XFGM]


  • Scions of Fate: In-game fixed
  • Dragon's Call: Added extra web support [XFGM]
  • Nyanicorn: Added Facebook support [XFGM]
  • Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising: Out of beta [XFGM]
  • GT Legends: Updated detection [XFGM]

Head of Support
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7/1 Game Support Update
2011-07-05 12:55 PM PDT
Game Support Update version 44293 was released on Friday July 1st with 18 new games and 8 updates.

New Games:


  • Scions of Fate: Added Korean support
  • FIFA Online 2: Added Korean support
  • Minecraft: Fixed detection and updated icon [XFGM]
  • Requiem: Memento Mori: Updated name from Requiem Bloodymare and fixed detection [XFGM]
  • Counter-Strike: Source (Beta): Updated detection [XFGM]
  • Cardmon Hero: Updated name from Camon Hero, fixed detection and updated icon [XFGM]
  • Beat Hazard: Added XIG and Classic Mode fixed [XFGM]
  • Vindictus: Added icon [XFGM]

Head of Support
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Join our Navy Field Play2Win / New NF Sk...
2011-06-29 3:24 PM PDT
Xfire and SD Enternet are celebrating Navy Field's 6th anniversary with a Play2Win competition where you can win an Apple iPad, iPod touch, or Nintendo 3DS!

All you have to do, is Download Navy Field (must have Xfire installed), and play the game while logged into Xfire. The best part? The game is totally free to play!

We've also released a very sleek blue Xfire Navy Field Skin to go along with their new website redesign and our Play2Win Competition!

Play a free game, get a sexy skin, win an iPad: All on Xfire!
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6.24 Game Update & Crysis 2 Skin!
2011-06-24 3:16 PM PDT
Last week, we released our new APB: Reloaded skin. Now, we present our latest creation: The Crysis 2 skin!

It comes in a light blue Crysis 2 interface layout. To download this sleek and modern skin, head over to the file downloads now!

Also, this week, we've sent out a game support update (build 44273). 16 new games and 9 updates!

New Games:

  • F.E.A.R. 3
  • Alice: Madness Returns [XFGM]
  • Dungeon Siege III [XFGM]
  • SBK 2011 [XFGM]
  • Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 5 [XFGM]
  • Pirate Legacy [XFGM]
  • Gardens of Time [XFGM]
  • SpaceTrek: The New Empire [XFGM]
  • The Polynomial [XFGM]
  • Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 [XFGM]
  • Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee [XFGM]
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale [XFGM]
  • Lucent Heart [XFGM]
  • Spartacus: The Game [XFGM]
  • Backyard Monsters [XFGM]
  • Battle Pirates [XFGM]

  • Minecraft: Fixed detection [XFGM]
  • Forsaken World: Added Steam support [XFGM]
  • Eden Eternal: Enabled screenshots and video [XFGM]
  • FreeStyle Street Basketball: Updated detection [XFGM]
  • Beat Hazard: Added XIG and Classic Mode fixed [XFGM]
  • Dragon Age Origins: Added Ultimate Edition support [XFGM]
  • Scions of Fate: Updated detection
  • FIFA Online 2: Updated detection
  • Spellforce - Platinum Edition: Disabled XIG [XFGM]
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6.17: New APB Reloaded Skins & Games Upd...
2011-06-17 4:11 AM PDT
You might have heard that Xfire and GamersFirst have teamed up to bundle Xfire with the new All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, many several other great games! Here's your chance to grab the new APB Reloaded Xfire skin!

The skin comes in two themes: default (a dark red and black theme) and the lighter Enforcer theme. Grab the skin from our skins channel here: APB Reloaded Beta. While you're at it, head over to the APB Reloaded Official site to download the beta. As of this post, APB Reloaded has skyrocketed to number 10 of all games played on Xfire with 3.6k users playing and almost 650,000 minutes played daily!

Also, A spectacular Game Support Update, version 44263 was released on Thursday June 16th with 14 new games and 6 updates. This update includes support for a game that has been in development for 14 years, DUKE NUKEM: FOREVER!

New Games:Updates for:
    Gothic: Added Steam support [XFGM]
    Just Cause: Added Steam support [XFGM]
    Empires: Fixed detection [XFGM]
    Guilty Gear x2 Reload: Added support [XFGM]
    Grand Chase: Fixed detection [XFGM]
    Alliance of Valiant Arms: Added Steam support [XFGM]
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6/9 Game Support Update
2011-06-10 2:38 PM PDT
Game Support Update version 44253 was released on Thursday June 9th with 16 new games.

New Games:


  • DiRT: Added Steam support

Xfire's Resident Code Breaker
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Video Capture Contest (Operation Flashpo...
2011-06-08 12:52 PM PDT
Want a chance to win one of the world's fastest retail computers?

Or perhaps you'd like to get your hands on a very high powered 1000W PSU?

Or how about a PCI Solid State Drive (soon to be the industry standard,
replacing platter hard drives)?

Or a CPU fan+heatsink to keep your processor running at a cool temperature,
quietly, while maintaining high system performance?

If you're interested in any of those prizes, then join Xfire's very first
Video Capture contest since 2010!

For a full page of details, visit
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6/3 Game Support Update
2011-06-05 10:16 AM PDT
Hey guys,

Game Support Update version 44243 was released on Friday June 3rd with 17 new games and 12 fixes.

New Games:


  • Mafia II: Enabled screenshots
  • The Witcher 2: Enabled screenshots and video
  • Dungeons: Added retail support [XFGM]
  • Pokemon World Online: Fixed detection [XFGM]
  • Dungeon Keeper II: Fixed detection [XFGM]
  • Heroes of Newerth: Fixed mouse bleeding [XFGM]
  • Darkspore: Fixed freezing issue in edit mode [XFGM]
  • Magicka: Fixed detection [XFGM]
  • Hitman: Codename 47: Added Steam detection [XFGM]
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Added Steam detection [XFGM]
  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones: Added Steam detection [XFGM]
  • Uplink: Added Steam support [XFGM]

If it hasn't come to you yet, you can download it here.

What are your thoughts on this week's update? Post a comment below!

Xfire's Resident Night Owl
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Grand Chaos Play2Win & 5.26 Game Update!...
2011-05-26 10:51 PM PDT
Hey Everyone!

Xfire and SGI have partnered for our latest Play2Win Competition to celebrate the release of Grand Chase: Chaos! Grand Chase is the world’s first real time online fighting game that enables up to 6 players to engage in thrilling fights with each other.

Join the chase to save the world, and unlock some awesome prizes. The game is free to play and all prizes and download links can be found on our Play2Win contest page. The contest runs from May 27 through June 17th 2011, and unlocks are granted based on hours you remain logged into Xfire while playing Grand Chase: Chaos.

Also, we sent out game update version 44233 of the Official Xfire Game Update with 18 new games and fixes for 14 games. As always, we want to give our sincerest thanks to the Xfire Game Master team which painstakingly champions each game listed here. Each game must be petitioned to the clan, then endorsed to make sure it's a good and solid definition. Their tireless efforts help make Xfire the best, and we thank them for their time and effort!

The new games in this update are: And fixes for:
    Fable III: Fixed XIG [XFGM] Fix
    Little Big Adventure 1: Twinsen's Adventure: Fixed launcher [XFGM] Fix
    Trickster Online: Changed name and added XIG [XFGM] Fix
    Gothic III: Forsaken Gods: Added Steam detection [XFGM] Fix
    Gothic III: Added Steam detection [XFGM] Fix
    Gothic II: Added Steam detection [XFGM] Fix
    Deus Ex Invisible War: Added XIG and Steam detection...
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