Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - My Thoughts
2008-08-07 8:01 AM PDT
WOW... this game was just... GREAT. I've never in my life played a game that had such a great story. And the main character Zoe Castillo... I could relate to her so much, she was just like me...

The game is also about dreaming, and I've been really into interpreting dreams lately, so that was sort of cool. But yeah, this game extremely immersive, it's almost as if you really are apart of the story, and you feel very attached to the characters. This is an adventure game, and the developers did a damn good job creating this game!

The game play is mediocre, but the story is what kept me playing this one. It will go down on the list of greatest games I've played in my lifetime no doubt about that! =p
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