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Your Comic Relief Link!
2007-12-30 2:57 PM PST

Just another link to my blog on Wordpress about comic books, updated daily, with news, reviews, or commentary!
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Can anyone see these blogs?
2007-12-15 2:55 PM PST
I'm not sure if anyone can see them, but I'm gonna post anyway. Why can't finals be in the beginning of the semester, when I'm excited about school? Exams and papers are not my ideal way to end a semester, even though this is stuff that really interests me. I found out that for my two credit seminar next semester, I need to get a $160 book????? Does anyone know a good place to get books online cheap? In fairly good condition? In other news, check out my newly created comic blog: Your Comic Relief at . It's new, as of this week, but I should be updating it weekdaily, especially over the holiday break, (which starts on Tuesday, once I'm fully moved back to my parent's house). I have my first comic review up, the next one should be up within a week, but I'm dead broke right now and can't afford my last two week's worth of comics till I get my next paycheck. Speaking of money, I got an offer to go teach children in China for a upcoming charity organization, not sure if I'll take it though, I want to teach, but I don't speak Chinese very well anymore, and I need to look at grad schools. Ok, back to paper writing, that was a good vent...
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Comic Books
2007-12-15 12:28 PM PST
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Xfire Blog?
2007-12-13 12:22 AM PST
Well, it's late at night and I can't sleep. Looks like apparently Xfire lets me blog the night away. Gotta get some sleep though, exams in a few days, and papers are still due...

Good Night XFire
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