Xfire Beta 1.84
2007-11-13 5:28 PM PST
It's time for another Xfire release! A new beta version of Xfire is available for testing. It will be live until roughly Thursday, 11/15/07, at 6pm Pacific Time.

Download Xfire Beta 1.84a now

Exit Xfire. Copy 84a.exe to your Xfire data installation directory (usually c:\Program Files\Xfire\ on XP and c:\ProgramData\Xfire on Vista) and run it to update your Xfire. If you don't know how to do this, then you probably should not be attempting to beta test Xfire. To verify that this worked, go to the Help | About box. The beta version of Xfire will report build 28854.


  • There are over 40 new games with the new Xfire In-Game interface with mouse support enabled. Please let us know if you have any problems with them!
  • Direct3D 10 support is available for Hellgate: London and Fury.
  • Server info is available for Call of Duty 4
  • You can create and build group chats in Xfire In-Game 2.0.

Please restrict discussion of the beta to this blog thread. This is to help us track your feedback. We are interested in your experiences with the new beta, specifically anything that goes horribly wrong. Thanks for your help!

--- Chris
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Naif ***** (naifcards) 2007-11-15 7:32 PM PST
thanks uin
Winthrop (zool100) 2007-11-16 3:16 AM PST
Wavern (waverns) 2007-11-16 5:16 AM PST
i got same error to on 32bit vista after DL
Xfire.exe not found; update failed
Kumbol (kumbol) 2007-11-16 7:15 AM PST
The miniature clan logo now properly displays in infoview when I click Clan group in contact list. Great! It would be cool to add there a possibility to preview clan news, similar to Blog entries
Also, imho there should some more intuitive way to look at clan infoview, maybe special tab next to Friends, Servers and Files? or special clan button next to voice chat etc. since at least for me, clicking group name on friends list is one of the last things I would do to look at last news & events of my clan

Retribate (cocablue) 2007-11-16 7:51 AM PST
no problems as yet, and a big thumbs up for the cod4 server/players info
**X-Ray>XI<Adm (modest71) 2007-11-16 8:45 AM PST
Aint working.

On XP Pro and XFire on.. DX error to join a MOD COD4 server.

Info of my XFire:

Xfire Copyright (C) 2007
Versie 1.83 Build 28854
Nov 13 2007 om 15:22:16
XFIRE_LANG_NL Build 28854
XFIRE_GAMES.INI Version 28854
XFIRE_TOUCAN Build 28854
DEV_GAMES.INI Niet geladen
Microsoft MPEG-4 Codec
Wavern (waverns) 2007-11-16 10:26 AM PST
i tried this again i even went to help and about to make sure had the right version and still not working for me. what other things can i do to get this workin properly? i am on vista 32 bit. My WoW chars use to show up then all sudden they stopped, that was one the cool things i liked about xfire
godjonez (godjonez) 2007-11-16 12:09 PM PST
Just have to congratulate Xfire.

After this release Xfire supports exactly 1,000 games!

A big milestone!
°»¿B0n€ckr@ck€r?«° (ezace) 2007-11-17 1:43 AM PST
xfire exe not found in vista 32 bit. And it is in the right folder, and i start it from there.
MrBєαgя!є07 ™ (beagrie07) 2007-11-17 5:23 AM PST
Works fine so far

COD4 servers shwoing good
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