Xfire Release 1.104 Beta
2009-02-03 5:28 PM PST
It's time for another Xfire release! A new beta version of Xfire is available for testing.

Download Xfire Beta 1.104b now

Exit Xfire. Copy 104b.exe to your Xfire data installation directory (usually c:\Program Files\Xfire\ on XP and c:\ProgramData\Xfire on Vista) and run it to update your Xfire. If you don't know how to do this, then you probably should not be attempting to beta test Xfire.

  • Please try out the in-game web browser

Please restrict discussion of the beta to this blog thread. This is to help us track your feedback. We are interested in your experiences with the new beta, specifically anything that goes horribly wrong. Thanks for your help!

--- Chris
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Rodrick (ingame99) 2009-02-09 6:59 PM PST
I dont like the new sounds as I run vista and I cant use ingame chat option, so I rely on an audible queue to know if a friend is trying to contact me the new sound for a recieved message is hard to hear and I also do not have a send sound anymore, even though I reset the sound to classic option.
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