Community: Hybrid Shadow Rouges

This clan is full of fun and interesting things to learn. We may add on to this list with your ideas. We are a new clan yes, but we can grow and expand with the help of our fellow gamers. So please, join our clan and make this clan better than any other.
-No whining, theres nothing more annoying than people whining about some thing little.
-NO N00BS!!If you are a n00b take you business some where else, where they don't care about their rep!sry
-We do train
-Not to much cussing
-must get along with people, unless of course your good at a game X)
And that's all the rules for now. Have a great day. Best of health. Never give up and never give in, other wise you know you've failed..©darkng3l
By the way, the leaders of this clan are willing to help you with your probs, and darkng3l she is available just about any time.

Now that my laptop is fixed, I, HSR Shadow, am available most of the time now as well.

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COME ON LEADERS!!we must get it together and make this clan better than any other. Yeash,i just look at this clan and wat do i see...a pretty pathetic clan. No i'm not saying i'm doin all the work...

Posted by ஜÐ∆®|€|מּ¶G3Łஐ
March 21, 2008 - 01:28 AM

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