Year 2008: EventScripts at PyCon08!

Year 2008: EventScripts at PyCon08!

Evie wishes you happy new year!

No one will know what exactly this new year will bring to us, but some things are sure. EventScripts is still being developed, there will be some interesting news regarding eXtensible Admin and Orange Box version sometime this year.

Something that is also known in this point is that Mattie will be speaking about getting Python into Counter-Strike: Source as part of EventScripts 2.0 at PyCon08, held 14th -- 16th March 2008!

If you are at the area at that time, consider visiting to hear more about what all was involved in getting Python into one of the most popular multi-player games on the world.

Official announcement at forums:

Posted by godjonez
December 31, 2007 - 04:24 PM