Thank you for playing Heroes of Newerth Play 2 Win Event on Xfire.

Official winners below: Please be sure to contact or to claim your prize and make sure we have all information needed to distribute prizes to you. Deadline to reply is October 30th, 2011. Random 50 winners will be announced to follow.

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Posted by [Xfire] Ben
October 26, 2011 - 03:12 AM


October 26, 3:13am
congrats to the winners. hf:)
October 26, 3:36am
what a surprise, ppl that have been loged on xfire and hon 24/7 afk on chat
October 26, 3:39am
October 26, 3:54am
Grats. Didn't see it at first. derp
October 26, 4:25am
Seeing "Account created on 2011-09-23" makes me a saaaad panda. Congratz anyways.
October 26, 6:05am
gz to the winner, at least to the ones who actually played.
but what about the 50 random 2000 silver coin winners?
October 26, 11:14am
"idling in the game does not count. You must actually be playing to be eligible."

October 26, 11:52am
Did the guy who really idol 24/7 for the whole event really win.. I guess so. :X GG.
October 26, 2:19pm
Seems so.
October 26, 5:55pm
good luck to everybody.
October 27, 12:02am
Wow, I idled and played HoN... and nothing!!!?? FACK!
October 27, 3:40am
Btw husky, dont talk like u didnt idle. You just mad coz u idled 24/7 and didnt win.
October 27, 7:00am
This is bullshit!

look my profile...

Heroes of Newerth: 2786 hours
October 27, 7:14am
Congratulations to all the winners!
October 27, 7:03pm
I was playing, I'd guess somewhere in the range of 90+% of what the xfire lists for me, due to queues, load times, etc. I doubt the others in the top9 played anywhere near that %.

It's frustrating because xfire, and s2 both stated that you had to be playing not idling, and it's clear there was no checking of logs to see who actually played and who didn't. It's the first 9 people to have started idling.
October 28, 11:01am
congratz! :D
October 28, 12:30pm
BS contest they couldn't even get the dead line right on the contest. Who the hell holds a contest then extents it? Morons that who!! Can't even post the time the winners actually played.
October 28, 12:52pm
@mackiez: The contest was never extended. The end date was always the 16th, there was just a miscommunication between Xfire and S2 Games.

And I'll be sure to disqualify you from the random 50 winners (if you are one) for your abusive outburst. :)

50 Random Winners to be announced next week!
October 28, 1:37pm
man how lame i was playing ever sense first 5 min of them announcing this contest and i didn't even get chose for any prize. had over 900 hours.... how dumb.
October 29, 4:18pm
So happy! = D!!!!!! Love X-fire and S2!!
October 29, 4:19pm
Uh no I won't get a chance to bonus coins, what am I do? Like I give a rats ass about coins. If there was a "miscommunication" then you do the right thing cancel it and reschedule it. I bet there's plenty of people who is pissed off at xfire, they just don't post a comment.
October 29, 5:21pm
I saw that the contest was listed originally on X-fire as ending on the 16th since the contest started on the official rules page. S2 had the contest listed as ending on the 5th in game, however, they also had another event during the start of player appreciation month starting on the 5th of October, so I'm betting there was just a mix up due to another event ending on that day, two separate events being talked about, a typo or miss data entry by accident over at S2, but they clarified it not long after.

Anyways my birthday is just a few days away, first thing I've ever won too! Thanks for the contest Xfire & S2 and for the prize rewarded so close to my birthday!!! =]
October 29, 6:10pm
ahahah so lame that you disqualifued mackiez for sayinh that.. y dont you guys realize how unproffesional you are, how would this guy know there was a misunderstanding if you didnt tell. Im one of those ppl whos really angry at the looser company xfire for being such fuckups... btw im pretty sure mackiez can sue you xfire assholes for just disqualifying him from the contest like that. He used your useless software and deserves a chance to win. U guys are so useless and failed people tht dont realize theres a reason why everyones mad at you loosers.

btw this whole contest was a fail no everyone knows how bad u are and u also go like a couple of hundred new users ahahah loosers! xfire will go under anytime soon if you continue acting like fucking 6 yearolds.
October 30, 1:49am
yeah i call BS on perseverence actually playing anywhere near as many games as the rest in this. he was spamming the comments section all week and had 24/7 idol for the contest.

and i have more hours/games logged than some of the others in the top5
October 30, 5:36am
yea this event was a major fail for both companies.
and that mackiez guy has the freedom of speech to say whatever he wants. so just outright saying he's disqualified because he said something you didn't like is just ignorant and childish. and by the way this is the last time i'm even logging onto this site so if i do win a random 2k coins keep them.

go fuck yourself
October 30, 11:04am
@chodeys I'm sorry you think trying to help people on the forums by answering questions occasionally counts as me being on there 24/7, cumulatively maybe 10 minutes.
October 30, 4:01pm
EHM.. is this also alittle suspicios to anyone else? Im seriously considering reporting this to authorities..

"I saw that the contest was listed originally on X-fire as ending on the 16th since the contest started on the official rules page. S2 had the contest listed as ending on the 5th in game, however, they also had another event during the start of player appreciation month starting on the 5th of October, so I'm betting there was just a mix up due to another event ending on that day, two separate events being talked about, a typo or miss data entry by accident over at S2, but they clarified it not long after.

2011-10-29 18:21 MDT by perseverence111"

btw perseverence111 is 1# winner
October 30, 6:07pm
No kidding imagine that the winner pays attention to the contest and forums, the guy that won that was on the contest most of the time. Is it really suspicious to you that i check the forums? wow... that's some good logic!

And you're aware that I was pointing out the fact that S2 (which incase you didnt know are the creators of Heroes of Newerth) had the wrong date listen in game. How does that post make you conclude that you need to contact the authorities? Sorry I tried to fill people in on where the confusion on the end dates came from? The reason i was posting on the x-fire forums was the same as all of you, to clarify that X-fire had the correct date listed (the 16th) and Heroes had the 5th listed (which was not correct and was posted in game).
October 31, 11:44am
Actually the post was modified... the original end date that was listed ON XFIRE'S Competition page was the 6th. Then the morning of the 7th I decided I'd check out if any posts had been made, saw none, and left for classes for the day. Later when I came back (3-4 hours later) I checked the website and the end date of the competition said 16th. So you can't really say it was a miscommunication between S2 and Xfire when Xfire had the end date posted as the 6th as well...
October 31, 1:21pm
Face it, I bet all the so call "winners" are probably employees of xfire. This was just like what I called it one BS contest. It it looks shit, smells like shit, then it must be shit.
October 31, 3:33pm
perseverence111... I have seen your posts and all of them are really supporting xfire (long before u won).

I guess this would almost be possible to be so supportive and engaged in xfire if u where a long term user and fan of xfire. Your account was created THE DAY THE EVENT STARTED. I know u are an employee or similar and i will proove it to the community!
October 31, 9:08pm
Lol, because the FIRST time i saw the event it was listed as ending on the 16th, that's all I said to people. I only hope you're attempting to troll, and i used to use xifre a long time ago as a different user, back when i played sc bw and WC3 TFT all the time. I got notice of this event via facebook and made a new account similar to my HoN name for this contest specifically, as i no longer had access to my older email account, and I'm sure the employees will laugh when they read your post, detective Sherlock r4now is on the case!

"Play HoN on Xfire and win over $5,000 in prizes! From now till October 5th you'll be rewarded for playing your favorite game on Xfire. The person with the most hours played will win an Alienware M17x Laptop! Five 2nd place winners get a SteelSeries Siberia V2 headset. Three 3rd place winners get the entire Hon store unlocked! Fifty random winners will receive 2,000 silver Goblin Coins. Go to for more info! Contest open to ALL and is not restricted to US!" Facebook post by Heroes of Newerth, 5th listed.
Official rules which i checked day 1, originally listed 16th at the top, not sure if it ever changed after day 1 as i had already seen it, I had also seen the 5th listed on Facebook by Heroes, and in game by Heroes, which made me pay attention to the forums to not stop playing incase the 5th wasn't the correct deadline (which i would have done regardless until it was announced as over, meaning that it literally makes no difference whether i was right about the date or not)

And get this, if you weren't afking the contest, you would have seen that the contest didn't end on the 5th anyways, and kept playing, right? If you did notice it didn't end, I was already in the lead anyways and maintained it through (get this) Perseverance... so you lost either way.. you just wish there was something going on.

And so far I've only had a positive experience with X-fire, and it's only gotten even better because of this, so sue me for supporting them... You all seem to want to just take their prizes and bash them.
November 01, 1:43am
first, I didn't afk, second i know i sound like a mad six yearold who didnt get a price. The thing is you just did it again, a huge wall of text supporting a company you dont need to defend?

If it actally is true that you're not an employee you need to get a life badly xD
November 01, 5:06am
think to agree with you r4now.

as for results, where the #### are the 50 goddamn Random players lol. random damnit what are you calculating so long random it can be done like in 10minutes!
November 01, 5:51am
That is definitely a true statement, haven't had much of one lately but that's exactly how I got first place... Lotta free time lately , And I am really defending my statements more than either company, but I haven't had negative experiences with either, and the fact that I won something is crazy to me as I never have before, so when people
Are like blah blah blah cheating/employee on the first thing you've ever won its just a little annoying, rather than just being a good sport and congratulating. Be happy for others, and I feel the need to defend the company because your assumptions are just plain wrong and that is not what is taking place and they are following through with legitimate rewards, and If you just won that laptop I'm sure you'd be even more defensive than myself of xfire and s2 after how much I was playing Heroes, and it paid off.
November 01, 8:17am
ok, but notice in the comment on top of the page i write that you are super engaged in supporting and defending xfire, this BEFORE YOU WIN THE CONTEST. How do you explain that?

Also WHO THE HELL admits that he doesnt have a life. Either you are an employee saying that to defend xfire or your just a really sad human being. Either way your pathetic.
November 01, 9:25am
Maybe the guy that's having medical issues but doesn't think he needs to outright state it? Thus the "haven't had much of one lately" its not by choice, its because i can't for a while... so i try to make the best of my down time by playing video games because it keeps my mind off it and gives me something to do rather than sitting around all day watching TV or something. Keep making assumptions, it only reflects even more poorly upon you.

And i defend them before winning the contest? Yes i did, i saw the original date the first day but continued to read about the confusion. And people were attacking me, not S2 or Xfire about the posts, so in reality I'm defending myself.

Modesty goes a long way by the way, and how else would i have had enough time to win if i had this bustling life right now? The answer is i wouldn't so i did what i could with the time and tried to win to my fullest, which paid off.

I really don't understand the connections some peoples brains make, or the assumptions rather, that they then go to regard as facts in their brain... I'll tell you one thing, it scares me to think that people are that sure of themselves when they really have no clue, i only hope you don't mess something up big in your life, or for someone else due to your jumping to conclusions status.
November 01, 10:25am
I'm jealous. I really thought it was gonna be whoever idle'd the longest but I guess I was wrong. Also r4now is the one with no life. If I had started when the contest started and knew it wasn't all just going to be idling I wonder if I would have won so that leads me to ask perseverance111:HOW LONG DID YOU PLAY EVERYDAY TO WIN FIRST PRIZE?!?!
November 01, 3:26pm
Are you criticizing my brain? You are not much for critizising anyones body considering your medical condition, mr supercanser! (no but srsly if your medical condition is that serious im sorry)

Anyways you suck perserccercerere111!
November 01, 4:18pm
easy fix: post your hon account name perseverence111..... show your account level & games played
November 01, 5:26pm
Sure its Perseverence same name without the 1's at the end. My account is level 21 for casual mode (don't laugh at me haha, and that's what i mainly played for the contest, clan J1G, and octalforty I'm not sure exeactly, as i had some breaks between games, but it was more than 16 games per day, in fact that was probably the least of any day. I also played several non-stat matches trying to teach a few of my friends how to play the game with me. I don't know if the non stats got counted towards my game play time for this or not.

Note though that some of this stuff on this page is clearly bugged for just normal mode stats, as it states my favorite hero is demented Shaman, when its Ra, and i literally played hundreds of games with him during the contest... it says it if you select RA on the stat list that says normal mode, casual, public, etc

click this link there's my profile on hon site, click the casual stat thing on the drop down menu, then click detailed stat viewer.

I'm also a legacy player, so you can see that my account wasn't just recently created or anything. I created this account on Xfire and my HoN name was taken, so i added some 1's
November 01, 5:32pm


Win %


look at JUST Ra games during that time lol
November 01, 5:36pm
i noticed you have a drug leaf or something on ur icon. Stop coming to me and whine when you do drugs lplolololol

ur own fault ur sick, drugs are bad!!!!
November 01, 5:39pm
But still u proved me wrong. congratz for winning i guess
November 01, 8:43pm
Lol I checked all your stats casual/public your last activity was Last Match:255d 11h 12m 34s strange.
I check mines and it up to date 39 minutes and a random check few players on Hon their shit seems to be up to dated. Whats up with that?
November 01, 9:25pm
yeah, last game was 255 days ago, mine was 6 and thats totally accurate. Im calling more BS on this.
November 01, 9:33pm
Your last normal mode game was 6 days ago, that's what i wrote earlier. If i play one NM game that will say today, its bugged for just that, and i don't like normal mode. You can see the last replay match of mine was yesterday... and dude, Ra wasn't even OUT that long ago, how have i played so many games with a hero that wasn't out 255 days ago? Oh that's right because its just the normal mode tracker being shown regardless, just log onto heroes and look up my profile if you're that paranoid, you can see the accurate stats there for all 3 modes.
and I'm done responding here lol, congrats to all the other winners and ill see everyone on HoN.
November 02, 7:04pm
Funny how its only bugged for you. While others are accurate. This whole contest was and is BS.
November 04, 7:42am
Sorry but now Im angry... WHAT IS THIS S**T?

Thats my profile, it has more HoN hours played then at least 2 people from the third place(clo0ud99 - 527 hours and demky1 - 558 hours).
According the the offical rules only people from US can win the GRAND PRIZE. So thats why i decided to enter under the nickname of Geralt(which can be seen on my profile page). Because I knew I'll have a chance to win something from 2nd/3rd place.

But I see that this event was a bull...

Waiting for explanation...

Another thing is, do the math. Check out when people made their accounts for the first time and how many hours they have played. Amusing that we have robots playing this game 24/7 that DONT ACTUALLY NEED TO SLEEP!

I've posted this on S2 forum. Wonder what X-fire employees have to say. If they give a damn that is...
November 04, 5:43pm
Hi Everyone. I have been reading the comments and would like to address the complaints regarding the HON Event. I understand that it is frustrating not being a winner :( The process of selecting winners for this event was strictly based on hours logged. Data is data. We are working on making the Play2Win events more efficient and accurate. But it is hard to do when people decide to take advantage of the system. Xfire would have no issues with selecting winners if there was no cheating. But we do not live in a perfect world. We only create events like these to reward our users. I would very much like to make everyone happy and give everyone prizes, but I cannot. I will however make sure to listen and address these issues from our community the best way that I can. Someone had mentioned wanting to see hours of winners. Below are the hours logged for the winners of this event. If you have any questions, or just want to rant to me. You can friend me on xfire or email me at events@xfiredotcom. Thanks and happy gaming to you all.

Official Winners of HON Play2Win Event Hours:

First Place:
perseverence111 - 546.53 hrs

Second Place:
squirtleeee - 537.74 hrs
deputkal - 536.09 hrs
alexlordofpie - 535.68 hrs
romanpower - 534.94 hrs
mcspazatron - 530.08 hrs

Third Place:
demky1 - 527.37 hrs
clo0ud99 - 524.01 hrs
jodaddy91 - 516.55 hrs
November 16, 5:42pm
awe, I would have won that laptop easily if I didn't stop playing for a day when the tournament was scheduled to end haha