There will be Beta...

There will be Beta...

Good Day,
Dear Community,

As most of you already know, EA's next BF themed title is the Free 2 Play game "BattlefieldPlay4Free" which is currently in the Closed Beta Phase. Many have already applied for a Beta key, but only few had the luck to get one at all. And still there are many players who want to check out the game, and have a exclusive personal sneak preview. Here's the good news: I have one beta key left over and wanted to give it to one lucky guy or gal in our community ! - The only thing you have to do to get the key is to tell why it is you that earns the key the most. Do so with your comments !

Best answer wins, and this Minicontest is running 24 hours. Good luck.

Your Community Admin

Posted by 4CH!LL3S
January 14, 2011 - 09:49 AM


January 14, 9:50am
Awesome news, thanks for the update!

January 14, 9:52am
Why am I worth it? Because I'm sick of stupid Call Of Duty bullshit. And because I can't run bad company on my uber slow microwave...
January 14, 10:24am
fedska ure right i too am sick of call of duty but it doesnt mean u have to get tha key
P.S. the game is nearly in open beta so u dont need the key to play bf p4f thats abt to become open
January 14, 10:32am
I want the beta key because without it my undying soul would be tortured for eternity if I did not hail the chance to be one of the few, special people to play the beta. It would cause havoc on my mind and make me go insane until the end of my days if I were not able to claim it.

Plus, I kind of want to try it out.
January 14, 10:33am
I'll take it please - there's still one of my clanmates waiting for one.
January 14, 11:00am
I have to earn it because Chuck Norris told me to.
January 14, 11:16am
Cause iv been playing BF2 for sometime now like you can see on my Xfire profile and really miss the populated servers and want to play on populated servers just like the good old days :) and the new battlefield can offer me that.
January 14, 11:26am
Dont worrie about giving me a code i just got 1 but thanks anyways :) Good luck to everyone else.