Xfire Reels Winners: Best 15 Seconds or Under

Xfire Reels Winners: Best 15 Seconds or Under

We are proud to announce the winners are in for our Xfire Reels' Best 15 Seconds or Under Category!

1st Place: Epic Death (Flying Niko)
2nd Place: Roman's Ghost Car
3rd Place: The Best 15sec
4th Place: Amazing knife throwing Kill (from-wall-to-enemy)

Congratulations to the winners!

Note to the winners. To claim your prize, please email xfirewinners@xfire.com with the following information (put XFIRE REELS BEST 15 SECONDS OR UNDER in the subject line):

Prize(s) Won:
Xfire Username:
zip code:
Phone Number:

Also, once we have affidavits (legal forums saying you agree to receive a prize and have followed the rules), we will send that along for you to sign as well.

Just so you know, we have a ton of winners for the VCAs so please allow until the end of March to mid-April to receive your prizes. If you haven’t received them by then, by all means please pester us!

Please note that for this category a couple videos were disqualified due to illegitimate votes and using Fraps captured videos while it stipulates in the rules that only xfire videos count.

Thanks and Congrats!!!!

Posted by Lavant
February 25, 2010 - 04:10 PM