Rejoice, fellow players! The wait is over! Blizzard Entertainment has just announced in a press release, that the super-highly anticipated World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm is now entering a closed beta period!

Yes, you read that right. Just few hours ago Ruby Sanctum has been opened on the live realms, and now this bomb explodes. Cataclysm is nearly here! Blizzard announced, that they're starting to send first batch of beta invites right now. Go and check out your luck - login to your account to see if you have a Cataclysm Beta license attached. The whole process of beta invitations will work pretty much the same as the recent StarCraft II beta worked.

Ok, no invite yet? Worry not! The internets are already getting a cataclysmic flood of new materials. Boubouille from is spamming his portal with tons of stuff related to the alpha and beta version of Cataclysm. Those won't be deleted now, as Blizzard has just confirmed that the NDA is LIFTED! You can now freely share and discuss Cataclysm content. Also, previously locked Alpha forums are now open to public!

Good times ahead for all World of Warcraft players. Next few days (or even hours!) will surely bring some absolutely superexciting new stuff. Let's hope we'll survive that Cataclysm...

Posted by Kumbol
June 30, 2010 - 04:39 PM


June 30, 4:51pm
June 30, 10:31pm
Glad to hear that Beta is open now. Would love to get an invite soon.
July 01, 3:22am
July 04, 5:36pm
Sad thing about this is i got a beta invite about 20 mins after it was announced looked at the email then looked at the time was going to be late for work so i decided to check it out after work by this time i had completly forgot about the invite and ive just logged on to to see if my invites still open and its not = ( i wish i didnt work =(