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The HRT, inspired by the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, is a small SWAT4 TSS squad that practices the movements and methods shown in the guideline "Lead and Breed's SWAT 4 Tactics".

We are no score hunters. We go for realism and safety. Therefore, in most cases our loadouts include lethal primary and secondary weapons for we believe, that they are the most reliable tools to cover the team. The pepperspray is used in controlled situations only.

Sparing terrorists in hot situations is not our thing. The physical integrity of hostages and team members is our first and only priority. And to preserve it, we do not hesitate to fire the final shot.

The server The Breeding Place is the home of the HRT. We practice our tactics in public games and sometimes close the server for training sessions.
However, we do not bar anybody from the game. Our methods are based on teamwork and possess the essentials of tactical room clearing. For this reason, they are compatible with many other ways of playing the game.

Feel free to ask questions about us via private messages and check out our official youtube-channel for more impressions.

The officers of the HRT:

Breed (1stbreed)
Lead (lead0red0)
Rock (alaska103)
DejvidOff (nevermore31) -- currently inactive
HellSpawN (swtzor)


Specialists in uncompromising teamwork.
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