Community: }TTP{ TIME TO PWN!!!!!

}TTP{ is always greatful of new members wanting to join. feel free to send an invite. there are only a few rules in }TTP{ and if you are a member of this clan. you must do as the rules are in order to stay in it.
1 never cheat in a game.
2 always show respect to other team members and people.
3 never make fun of the clan or your out of it. and them are just the simple rules. please do not break them or i will have to remove you. and you will not get to be back in it. if anybody would like to become a higher rank clan member or would like me to add your favorite game to the clan games. then please feel free to ask me. and i will see what i can do. and if you know of anybody who wants to join us. then tell them to send us an invite. and most of all try your best to have fun with other clan members. remember that the reason for playing a game is to have fun and win in it. so when your on a game next time say }TTP{ on the count of 1 2 3!

thanks from Pro Girl^_^

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hey!!!. everybody im so sorry for not keeping this clan updated like i said i would always do!. but like wow, it's been forever. so im gonna make this really short and simple for all clan members. keep building up this...

Posted by 123789j
October 14, 2008 - 11:53 AM

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